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Quantum Break appears on the Windows 10 Store, but you can't buy it yet

Quantum Break is a time bending third-person shooter from Remedy Entertainment, known for Alan Wake and Max Payne. Quantum Break promises to be a visual feast for Xbox One owners, but PC owners will be able to push the resolution all the way up to 4K resolution — if you have the hardware for it.

Quantum Break will join the likes of Rise of the Tomb Raider as Microsoft starts bolstering the Windows 10 Store's PC game offering. It'll also arrive as a cross-buy title for those who pre-order Quantum Break on Xbox One, complete with Xbox integration, meaning you can take your story progress from PC to Xbox One and vice versa. Additionally, those who purchase Quantum Break on Xbox One will also receive the Xbox 360 version of Alan Wake and all of its DLC for Xbox One's backward compatibility.

The features and recommended settings are as follows:


  • In-depth, fast-paced narrative experience crafted by Remedy Entertainment
  • Top quality live action show that is directly impacted by choices made in-game
  • Stellar cast of actors
  • One story told many ways
  • Time-amplified action gameplay
  • Navigate epic scenes of destruction as they skip and rewind in broken time


  • Quantum Break includes rich Xbox Live features like Achievements, Game DVR, Leaderboards, and more.
  • To play this game, you'll need to use your existing account on Xbox Live or the same Microsoft account you used to purchase the game.


Quantum Break has been built for Windows 10, but to ensure the game will play on your PC, the following MINIMUM PC specifications are needed:

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • DirectX 12
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4460, 2.70GHz or AMD FX-6300
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX760 or AMD Radeon R7
  • VRAM: 2 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Supported peripherals: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, Xbox One Controller for Windows
  • Hard Disk Space: 55 GB free (base game)


  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • DirectX 12
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4690, 2.70GHz or AMD equivalent
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX970 or AMD Radeon R9
  • VRAM: 4 GB
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Supported peripherals: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, Xbox One gamepad
  • Hard Disk Space: 55 GB free (base game)

SUPPORTED OS: Windows 10 (64-bit version only)


The game app will install to the default location set by your device. To see where the game will install, press the Windows button and type "storage" and then select 'Storage.' You may choose which drive apps will save to by default here.


  • Windows 10 download progress bar does not accurately display progress.
  • Due to a UI issue download progress may not be accurately displayed (despite downloading without issue).
  • When pausing and resuming the download, it may appear that the download has reset (appears to start from 0). However, actual download progress has not been affected.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, Fable Legends, Killer Instinct and various other Microsoft-published Xbox games are known to be headed to PC via the Windows 10 Store. Quantum Break is a Windows 10 Store exclusive, meaning that you shouldn't expect to see the game on Steam or other digital marketplaces, for now.

Check out Quantum Break on the Windows 10 Store (opens in new tab)

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  • If it's Windows Store only, I'll pass. No real full screen mode, no Crossfire / SLI support, no overlay App support? No thanks Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No full screen mode? What are you playing it on? Windows 95?
  • Windows Store Apps don't have support for exclusive full screen, they only support borderless windowed mode, that's why they don't support overlay tools or multiGPU. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You do not get it. This isn't an app, it is a game. You can get Windows 10 apps in the Windows Store and you can get games in the Windows Store. There is no such thing as Windows Store apps, only Windows 10 apps avalaibe via the Windows Store.      
  • Crossfire and SLI are supported. You're either misinformed or spreading misinformation. You also ignore all the benefits that the Windows 10 Store provides.
  • So why ROTTR doesn't support it yet? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's up to the developers so you should ask Square Enix that question.
  • Works fine in the non-Windows Store version :)
  • Take that up with Square Enix, not me.
  • I suspect that they're referring to this reddit post, which has been reported on by the games media and even quite a few tech sites
  • Reddit is an idiocracy, and that subreddit in particular is particularly awful. If I were Microsoft, I would just keep doing my thing and following my vision of UWP and the Windows 10 Store (which offers many benefits, such as the easist installations and uninstallations ever)​, and buildup their Store with exclusive content. If they can offer those things without compromising their vision for UWP, then that's great. But they should not compromise their vision just to appease a tiny minority of self-entitled, egotistical, and condescening PC gamer fanboys.
  • So, you're going to completely ignore all of the valid complaints and the limitations of the UWP? I support their strategy with the UWP, but they really need to fix these issues before making games exclusive to the Windows Store (which it seems like they're working on). Otherwise their talk about renewed interest in PC gaming is just smoke and mirrors. PC gamers want to have the freedom we're used to having. We want to be able to access the install files to manipulate .ini files for game tweaks. We want our expensive G-Sync monitors to not be a paperweight because vsync is always active. You're complaining about PC gamers while you're just coming off as a Microsoft fanboy. We're paying Microsoft money for their games, we have the right to complain about the limitations of their platform.    
  • If they can add such features to appease the minority that wants them without compromising their vision of UWP and the benefits it brings, then great, but if they can't and if they therefore capitulate to this tiny minority of obnoxious PC gamers who complain just for the sake of complaining and ruin UWP Windows 10 AAA games for the rest of us, then that will be a huge disappointment. They're bringing games that otherwise would NOT be on PC at all, to PC, and their Windows 10 Store and UWP are only a half a year old but if you go on Reddit and read the vitriol there you'd think that that Microsoft was killing puppies. People need to chill the eff out and realize that Steam sucked donkey balls when it was 1/2 year old (and still does, actually), that the Steam way of doing things is not the be-all-end-all, and that UWP provides features that are better in many ways then what Steam offers, and that getting to play these games they otherwise couldn't have played is a gift.
  • People aren't complaining for the sake of complaining. People are listing actual problems with the platform that competitors don't have, yet you have the audacity to shrug them off and call them fanboys when in reality you're just defending Microsoft for absolutely no reason. Steam doesn't suck now, that's the entire point. When there's such a big difference between the Steam version and Windows version of the same game, that's a problem. Also, please stop saying Microsoft is giving us a gift. We're paying for a product, they're not gifting us anything. They could have always brought their games to PC without the UWP. Stop pretending it's some revolution for PC gamers.
  • Enable Tablet Mode and BOOM. Fullscreen.
  • Its still Windowed Fullscreen, and my Desktop doesn't have the option to enable Tablet Mode. Gamers will reject any platform that doesn't provide them with the flexibility and freedom that PCs traditionally have, which is why everywhere else the Windows Store is being mocked and rejected. But I wouldnt expect users on a site that still considers Windows Phone to be successful to understand any of this.  
  • Your desktop doesn't allow Tablet mode? Don't all Windows 10 PCs have that option? If you're not running Windows 10, you can't play QB anyway, so what's the difference?
  • Oh and no way to disable vsync
    MS should fix their store before asking their customers to buy AAA titles over it "Nixxes_Official  8. Feb. um 6:30 Uhr  Zomby7: Sorry, unfortunately disabling VSync is not supported in the UWP framework currently" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • We're in the very early stages of this HUGE project. All concerns will be addressed. You cant/won't have 100% out the gate. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I didn't realize that you worked for Microsoft in the Windows Store division. Is that why they called you out to San Francisco?
  • Yet they charge the full price out of the gate. Might be ok for any insane MS fanboy, but others still remember the mess that gfwl was and that Microsoft is good at not keeping their promises. After all they could have made the Windows Store version optional in its current beta stage or at least sell the game for something like 25$, just like early access on Steam Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Everyone hates Origin but they buy EA ganes from origin. Windows Store is way better, its like GOG, stand alone easy installed apps so great solution at least for me
  • Might want to brush up on your understanding of services and DRM before even thinking of comparing Windows store with GOG. They are not the same at all.
  • The hate for Origin is completely irrational, besides it has none of the limitations that games on the Windows Store do.
  • They shouldn't keep games exclusive to the Windows Store until then. Not all consumers are willing to spend money on a beta platform.
  • Hey, here's an idea Microsoft. Instead of explaining to me why large game files have known issues and making it *appear* as though I'll have problems compare to Steam, why don't you just fix these problems?
  • These issues are on windows store since launch. Don't expect a fix soon if they still hadn't addressed that.
  • It just baffles me how they want to launch big AAA titles and expect me to do anything when every game had a disclosure about how broken it might be.
  • you don't have to buy the game at the Windows store you know? A PC isn't your typical IOS you've got plenty of options  
  • Gtfo. You're the reason why Xbox One was downgraded 3 years ago to satisfy cave dwellers.
  • Funny you losers whine about that when last week your crap wouldnt work because Xbone Live was down. Exactly what you said would never happen when Xbone's god-awful original configuration was revealed. Hows Kinect going, still playing your budget dance dance titles?  
  • Xbox Live doesn't need to be working to play your digital games offline--same as with a disc. You're just full of all sorts of misinformation on this article.
  • Yet people on this very site were complaining that their stuff didnt work, hilarious.  
  • Online gaming and some apps that stream content didn't work. That has nothing to do with digital gaming. Furthermore, your codescending comment about Kinect gaming exposes you as judgmental ****. Kinect is awesome. Let me know when you invent something as technologically revolutionary.
  • I don't know from where Microsoft think of such cheap tricks.. They want to compete STEAM that too in Win32 PC GAMES!! Above All.. ON WINDOWS STORE.. Oh God.. SuCh a terrible joke.. :-/
  • Luckily they aren't in a position to compete with Steam. They had their chance with gfwl but didn't really try to improve it. Even the few publishers like Capcom or Codemasters and Bethesda have moved on to Steam a long time ago. Sure, MS might have a few exclusives, but that won't be enough to let gamers switch to Windows Store as their distribution plattform Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • EA has Origin, no reason why MS should not be on their store without paying money to Valve. 99% PC gamers will buy when they have W10 and like it.
  • Ive been reading gaming sites today and MS's efforts to promote gaming via Windows Store is being treated as an absolute joke everywhere you go other than these silly little MS echo-chambers.
  • It's not a good thing you believe everything you read on the internet
  • Which is why I dont believe anything on this site.
  • Who cares what a tiny minority of self-entitled, PC gaming elitists thinks? That is the beauty of having exclusive content: Microsoft can put it exclusively in their Store and people who want to play it will have no choice but to play it there.
  • It's nice to know that you support one of the most profitable companies in the world rather than the consumers that buy their products. "It doesn't matter if our platform has limitations the competition doesn't, you have no choice". Nice.
  • Explaining Microsoft's position is not the same as supporting them. Nevertheless, I don't care at all about those features you're whining about, and much prefer the benefits of UWP, so I'd rather not have Microsft waste resources catering to ingrates when they could be investing those resources into improving other things.
  • Really what are all of these benefits of the UWP so far? You're keep saying that, but you haven't listed anything. Most stores are really easy to use. You click buy and it automatically downloads and installs the game. Except other stores don't lock you out of their game files.
  • Isntesd of getting dics and then downloading from the internet here the game u directly download form the store. Its not like on Xbox one where if disc bought game has to be digitally downloaded. When I used to buy COD for my PC then I had to download the whole game from the internet and the discs where just link to the game which is there on Steam.
  • Stop this Vsync and fullscreen bullshit and just give me the game preload option already!
  • I still don't know if you need an Xbox One to receive your cross buy code for the PC. I wanted to get both just case but it looks like that may not happen.
  • It is highly unlikely you'd need an Xbox One just to receive your cross-buy code. Most likely it'll come in the form of an Xbox Live system message, which you can read on, on SmartGlass, or on the Xbox App.
  • You don't need an Xbox One. The code gets delivered as an Xbox LIVE message, which you can read on the Xbox App. They already started distributing American Nightmare that way :)
  • I hope this game isn't going the "Order 1866" of the Xbox....
  • Wnidows Store "gaming" limitations: Games run in borderless fullscreen mode Vsync is always on and cannot be turned off SLI and Crossfire are not supported Games cannot be modified Game overlays are not supported   LOL 
  • You can run every game full screen in tablet mode, I'm always having vsync on, I hate tearing. SLI and Crossfire is a problem (for 5% of gamers). If no modification means no hack I'm happy :-)
  • I knew some apologist would be along to claim all those damning limitation were no big deal. I love this site, its hilarious. Tablet mode is still full screen windowless btw, though its expected that the technical knowledge of people on this site is below average.
  • I played Rise of the Tomb Raider from store without any issues and I was happy that no client was running on the background. All I can tell you is: Don't play MS games if limits on Windows Store are so big for you ;-)
  • Yes, like virtually all PC gamers I will avoid the Windows Store.
  • I don't think but let see in a future when games like Halo Wars 2, Gears 4, QB, Horizon 3, Forza Motorsport 6, Fable Legends Sea of Thievs, ReCore, Scalebound etc. will be out ;-)
  • Games PC gamers don't give a crap about. Laughing at your failed store platform btw.
  • I'll remember you when playing Quantum Break then :-D
  • Enjoy your 3 hour "cinematic experience." I'll stick to games.  
  • I'm not worrying about Remedy games quality since first Max Payne was released ;-)
  • No ones stopping u from using Steam or buying Xbox one. These games are going to be added along with your typical arcade like games in Windows Store on windows PC, whether u hate it or not. Keep using windows products while you ***** about it = the ultimate hypocrisy. Do us a favor and go get a Chromebook.
  • I own an Xbox One (most disappointing console purchase ever) and I will continue using Steam, like everyone else. Microsoft's attempt to turn PCs into console is just a joke.
  • Don't speak for "everyone else", speak for you ;-)
  • @Lord Method Man, then you're lacking creativity :). I have three hdmi switches plugged: input 1, my xbox 1 hdmi pass through and one input two (spare). If i want to play my ps3 for instance and switch to my x1 I simply connect ps3 hdmi cable to x1 hdmi switch. Now I can switch between my x1 and ps3. Or if i'm fixing pc's i plug them all into my x1 switch and toggle back and forth between games and the pc's i'm fixing. I have a kvm switch so i only need one mouse and one keyboard. If I want to bypass my x1, I just plug the wires into the input 1 switch (the x1 hdmi out is also connected to the input 1 switch). The x1 is by far more a powerful console in terms of extensibility when compared to the ps4. Heck i could plug my bro's ps4 into my x1 and switch back forth if i wanted to.
  • VSYNC isn't always needed and if it's turned on you can't use G-SYNC.
  • Do your research before disseminating lies. SLI and Crossfire are supported.
  • Twitter is not a source, and it certainly isn't "research". Fullscreen Windowed mode = No SLI. The PR guy on Twitter doesn't know what he's even talking about.
  • I love it when crappy entitled fanboys think they know what they are talking about... How many years of experience working as graphics dev for AAA studios do you have again? I mean given the arrogance you talk with surely you at the very least know the basic workflow of programming in DirectX 12, the difference between programming in OpenGL and DirectX, or any other graphics API, or what developing on a console really entails and how it's different... But if you did, you wouldn't be talking **** like you are, you would be aware that what you are saying isn't completely true...
  • Twitter isn't the source, nitwit. Twitter is the medium. Mike Ybarra is the source. He's the director of program management at Xbox and Windows 10. He knows what he is talking about. Go troll somewhere else and stop disseminating misinformation.
  • And yet its a fact that SLI and Crossfire don't work with Windows Store apps, and they cant because of their fullscreen window use.
  • K. I still don't give a ****, like the other 10 times you already wrote this bullshit
  • Not to mention that the Store client is not even built for large downloads at all. There is a huge delay before the download start, download speeds are unreliable, there is no way to throttle the connection so you can keep playing online in the meantime, no switching servers if your region is busy. Heck, they apparently can't even get a simple progress bar working to show the correct progress. LOL indeed. Ah well, it doesn't matter, the only feature we really need is a countdown until the exclusivity runs out and it gets released on decent distribution systems that were actually designed for gaming. Or until Microsoft loses interest again and closes up shop like they did with that GFWL abomination. Which will happen first I wonder?
  • I'm looking forward to being able to play on both systems and pick up where I left off from one to the other. I play 99% of my games with vsync enabled as I hate screen tearing. 
  • Not an issue here with a 144 Hz refresh rate. Oh oops, Windows Store apps are locked to 60 Hz, another gigantic failure and reason to avoid them.  
  • Can I preorder on pc and get on Xbox?? Posted via L930 WM10
  • Other way around my friend. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • is your friend there :)