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Quantum Break update addresses dozens of bugs on Xbox One

Despite the fact we think it's rather excellent, Quantum Break isn't without its fair share of bugs. Thankfully, Remedy Entertainment is on task to improve matters, and a patch to address a broad range of issues is rolling out to the Xbox One version of the game right now.

The full list of fixes are as follows:

Act Fixes/Updates:

  • Act 1 Part 1: Fixed a rare instance of taxi being missing from the intro cinematic
  • Act 1 Part 2: Fixed assets disappearing if players backtrack
  • Act 1 Part 2: Fixed an issue where players could not kill the guard in the parking lot
  • Act 1 Part 3: Fixed backtracking issues where some parts could unload
  • Act 1: Fixed overlapping audio in opening cinematic
  • Act 2 Part 1: Fixed Nick pathing issues
  • Act 2 Part 1: You can no longer get underneath the puzzle at the security station
  • Act 2 Part 2: First Chronon source renders properly
  • Act 2 Part 3: Added collision on time machine corridor to prevent player's accidentally falling to their death
  • Act 2 Part 3: Fixed backtracking issues where some parts could unload
  • Act 2 Part 3: Fixed rare NPC issues where Amy or Nick could be killed or block the door
  • Junction 3: Fixed Hatch being hidden if the user skips a future vision too quickly
  • Junction 4: Fixed flickering environment outside office building
  • Act 5: Fixed last subtitle going by too quickly to read
  • Act 5: Fixed missing line in Portuguese audio in a cinematic

General Fixes/Updates:

  • Fixed issue where ambient sounds disappeared when mashing buttons during a cinematic
  • Removed unnecessary loading screens showing up
  • Updated credits
  • World no longer visibly unloads after Jack lets Beth and NPC into the Swimming Pool front door
  • Amy no longer remains still and without pathing towards gate in train yard
  • Fixed Jack's subtitles not showing in some cinematics
  • Unlock descriptions for Will Diary 1 and Will Diary 2 are no longer reversed
  • Fix for blinking lights, where flares would blink excessively bright after resuming from suspend mode
  • Fixes for making Xbox Live integration more fault-tolerant
  • Remedy logo fix*
  • Fix for a rare bug that accidentally wiped progress after completing the game
  • Fix for some TV screens sometimes showing a really grainy image
  • Fixed circular progress bar alpha in the junction stats screen
  • Fixed video playback not always ending if the video was synced to audio
  • Fixed two rare instances of stalls when loading
  • Fixed a rare crash with the video texture system
  • Fixed crash in download menu when switching profiles
  • Fixed "Waiting for install to complete" text not being localized when changing the language
  • Game/story/collectible progress hero stats no longer display incorrectly when player has less than a percent of progress
  • Fixed rare instances of cloud saves failing and causing loss of progress

If you're on the PC version, Remedy offered a couple of updates on their efforts to repair the Windows 10 version of the game, which of course is delivered via UWP on the Windows 10 Store.

"Microsoft has identified a Windows 10 memory management issue which may cause Quantum Break to crash on some GPUs. This crash is seen more frequently at higher game settings. Microsoft plans to fix this in a future Windows Update.""We are aware of the cloud save issue causing loss of game progress on Xbox One. Even though we haven't been able to fully reproduce the bug, we're addressing this issue in the next title update. To avoid losing savegames, please quit the game before turning off your console."

Remedy has previously explained how the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is the cause of some of the game's issues, including the inability to use G-sync and Freesync monitors, the inability to disable V-sync, and the absence of full-screen exclusive mode. Some of these features are planned to arrive in May, which will bring games deployed via UWP closer to the experience of a traditional Win32 executable, providing developers utilize the new features of course.

For more information on the development of the Windows 10 version of the game head over to Remedy's forums.

Source: /r/XboxOne

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  • Well I beat it. So playing it now on hard should be less buggy. #savethelibrary
  • It's an incredibly easy game, to be honest. I went straight to hard, and the only time I had issues was navigating some platforming, and that was more about misreading visual cues and thinking a turn existed that didn't. Sadly, the game lost my progress after Act 4, and I have to replay it. It's funny that while I was playing the first time, I was looking forward to playing it again--literally the only game I can think of that gave me that feeling is Quantum Break. Now, after losing my progress, I haven't even gone back to replay the game and beat it a first time. Just too annoyed with it.
  • I wanted to play it twice so first I played it on normal and saving my second play through on hard for later when I forget the story again lol
  • Yeah, every game that has lost my progress has left me feeling so cold that I never go back and finish it.
  • Only happened to me with Battlefield 4 single player. I was quite enjoying it too but I don't think I ever went back just couldn't be bothered. These kinds of bugs are the worst because save data probably the one thing that's universally important to all gamers regardless of the kind of game. A lot of mobile games get it wrong when they don't offer any sort of cloud sync and you lose your progress if you switch phones.
  • "Some of these features are planned to arrive in May, which will bring games deployed via UWP closer to the experience of a traditional Win32 executable​". For those who understand .exe and UWP programming, does Microsoft adding these types of features to UWP have any negative impact on their vision for UWP, in general? I mean, I understand AAA games like this will not be running on smartphones any time soon (although, to be honest, I don't really understand how some things in the Windows 10 Store can be "UWP" but not be universal apps), but isn't their a chance that the ultimate goal of "write once, deploy across all Windows 10 devices" (and other such benefits of UWP) going to be compromised if Microsoft makes UWP more like .exe files?  
  • If my understanding is correct, UWP acts as a ".zip file" (called an .appx) for everything a program needs to run, including the .exe executable. I'm not sure whether an AAA game packaged for UWP is truly universal in the sense it's capable of running on your W10 Phone, particularly since a lot of these bigger games utilize features available only through d-GPU drivers - that alone stops them from being "universal". Philosophically though, Microsoft do want that to be the end game, but there's only so much hardware tech you can pack into certain end points. It shouldn't impact UWP to enable g-sync and the like, since UWP allows you to adapt the program to whatever environment running the .appx. As a basic example, Minecraft for Windows 10 knows if you're trying to play with touch, mouse and keyboard or a controller, and dynamically responds to the different inputs. MouseCraft for Windows 10 / Mobile is being developed as an Xbox UWP, I might ask the developer to clarify some of these questions. :) We know that Xbox controller support is coming to Windows 10 Mobile, which should help facilitate these sorts of scenarios in the long term future, especially when you have continuum present. There's every possibility that Age of Empires II, demonstrated as a UWP at Build, could hit continuum with mouse and keyboard support. Maybe lots of old school Win32 games could hit W10M repackaged via centennial, that'd be really cool.
  • UWP games have access to the UWP API set, like when they showed Age of Empires 2 HD being converted on stage, it could then technically make use of things like notifications and live tiles with some further modification, it can't instantly run on Mobile though as it is still using APIs etc not (currently) available on phones. Interestingly Ori and the Blind Forest lets you turn V-Sync off if you want to, so I'm not 100% sure that the lack of a V-Sync option is specifically down to UWP, the others like G-Sync seem to be. The reason Quantum Break doesn't support SLI is apparently due to the game engine and not UWP (From a developer interview) I love the idea of old school games running in Continuum, but as I understand it, the Centennial conversion tool just essentially puts it into a UWP wrapper, so unless phones support Win32 in the future it won't be a straight conversion. I think what they want people to do is convert their app and start adding in Windows 10 features, then being rewriting it in a way that eventually makes it a true UWP app - Much harder with games though than say a desktop WPF app which wouldn't necessarily be difficult depending on the application, just take time. Xbox controller support works well under Continuum in the small amount of games I've found that support it - I'm hoping that many more games start supporting it (or just more "Built for Windows 10" i.e UWP games come out that run on Mobile as well as PC)
  • UWP "triple A" games are by no means magic, nor are they build in a different way to work on phones or other Xboxes. It's just a tiny API wrapper around traditional x86/64 software that gives access to the Xbox controller, achievements and less consumer friendly stuff like encrypted savegames and DRM. That's why old software can be re-packaged with UWP features if the developer is willing to do so. It won't make games like Mousecraft more easily work on Phones; We have to thank the Unity Engine for that, not Microsoft. So UWP games are basically just like SteamWorks (and that horrendous Games Fo Windows Live debacle before): A disguise for DRM fluffed up with some bells and whistles to give something extra to the consumer. The good thing is that the UWP framework can probably be patched out of the affected games, once Microsoft inevitably gives up yet again and stops supporting games on their Store.
  • Comparing UWP with Steamworks? Not even comparable. You haven't done any in depth research into UWP at all, that is clear as day. Scary thing is your probably college educated too.  
  • Beat the game, twice. Only had 2 or 3 problems but nothing major. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Still trying to figure some things out.
    ***************spoiler ****************
    ***************spoiler ****************
    Is hatch one of "them"? I think he is. And will jack turn into one?
  • intresting. your makeing me wonder... Can't wait for qb2.. Wish they had a round mode to go and fight bad guys with your powers with online support. hat would be fun.
  • I was wondering the same thing! There's a collectible near the end that gives you the impression that Hatch is a shifter, and the ending makes me assume Jack is becoming one as well! A sequel would be great.
  • I love the mysteries this game throws up. Everyone is talking about it. :)
  • He is, and pretty sure that's him that Jack sees the first time he comes across a Shifter. The Cronon eye drops must help him maintain his human-like state somehow. When he offers to help Jack at the end in return for his help, some people thought he means to try and rescue Beth but I think he means to try and prevent him turning into a Shifter (Either that or to help him harness the abilities a Shifter has as Hatch has learnt to do)
  • Yes to both is what i got from it. I need to ask my mate if they are planning on doing any DLC though, I've 100%ed the game and need to know if I should hang on to it or trade it for something else (probably Doom).
  • Hatch is definitely a shifter (or something similar) that followed Paul back from the "end of time".  Hatch is the most interesting person in the game.  Lance Reddick always manages to play these grey characters that you are never really sure if he is a good guy or a bad guy.
  • I think that's a good theory. I wonder whether Hatch knew all along that the "end of time" that Paul and Beth travelled to was actually caused by something else down the line, and not the fracture that Paul caused (As we know, you can't go back and change time, it's an immutable loop; so Jack always prevented this fracture (There's a reference at the end however where Will does say something along the lines of not even being sure whether it's fixed for real) but something else must cause the end of time otherwise Paul and Beth couldn't have gone there, but we have to wait and find out what)
  • For anybody noticing the missing flashlight toggle. A soft reset helps ;)
  • I'm surprised, I don't recall having any of the issues later. Lucky me.
  • Listed*
  • Finally beat it on Hard. The final battle was really the only thing that hung me up. I probably gave it 40 tries! Now I'm looking forward to playing it again and making different "choose your own adventure" decisions. I have to say that this is one of those single player games I actually want to replay. Which is extremely rare for me. I usually play a game on high difficulty and then never return after beating it. Well done Remedy, well done.
  • The biggest issue i had with the game was playing on a UK console with 50hz enabled for the TV passthrough, causes frame skipping and choppy panning, having to drop in to setting everytime i start and leave the game is a nightmare.
  • I have a question about the V-Sync issues, I'm wondering why Ori and the Blind Forest has the option to turn V-Sync on/off as you please and that's UWP as far as the version in the Windows Store goes. Is the V-sync option visible on the current production build of Windows 10 when playing Ori?
  • I have the xbox one version of quantum break. I have the "white screen bug" (it loads forever and I cannot do anything to make it work again).
    Maybe it's a silly question, but I have the Xbox1 only a month or so - where can I download the "amazing" new patch? Is it the new Episode Pack?  10x for your help. :-)