Quantum Break will get the 4K treatment on the Xbox One X

In my review, I noted how Quantum Break pushed the Xbox One to its absolute limits, given its crazy visual effects that throw time-warped ripples over every surface and enemy. The game uses checkerboard rendering methods on Xbox One, and the sheer amount of detail squeezed into the game makes it appear quite blurry on the console. Thankfully, Quantum Break will get a 4K enhanced version on Xbox One X.

Announced today on Microsoft's Gamescom 2017 live stream, Quantum Break will benefit from the Xbox One X's 6 TF power, bringing improved visuals and 4K resolution.

Quantum Break on Xbox One X should prove the definitive way to experience the game on console, given that even high-end PCs struggled with the game on higher graphics settings.

Stay tuned for more from Gamescom 2017.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Good news. The graphics of this game stopped me from playing this game very long when I finally got around to buying it this year. This game desperately needs a gears of warm cover system
  • This game NEEDS TO BE PLAYED at 60fps. Unfortunately not many pC's can do that. Just hoping that Xbox One X can do.
  • Awesome, love the game. Hope they make another.
  • I'd rather they fix the occasional muddy textures, and poor lighting than just bump the res.
  • isn't it 4k on pc? if this is correct it shouldn't be hard for it to copy the textures over.