It's no secret that Candy Crush Saga is ported over to Windows Phone and Windows 10 using Microsoft's Windows Universal Platform Bridge aka Project Islandwood. Microsoft revealed the news during their Build event in March, and now it's a reality.

Late in the week, Candy Crush Saga finally arrived for Windows 10. Although everyone in the world can play Candy Crush Saga on their phones or through Facebook, being able to play it as a full app on Windows is a new experience.

So how is it? The graphics are outstanding and look great on those new high-resolution displays, which are so common. Additionally, the app uses the empty sides of the app efficiently by filling them in with your friends.

Don't yet have Windows 10? No worries as you can check out our quick hands-on to see what you can expect. Candy Crush Saga will come preinstalled on some Windows 1 0 machines through the update.

Download Candy Crush Saga for Windows 10

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