Candy Crush Saga is now available on Windows 10

Puzzle game Candy Crush Saga has now made its way to Windows 10. The game is a universal app and can now be downloaded through the new unified Windows store.

Microsoft announced that for a short interval of time, Candy Crush Saga will come pre-installed on Windows 10. Other titles made by developer King will also make their way to Windows 10 shortly. Head to the link below to download the game.

Download Candy Crush Saga for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

QR: Candy Crush Saga

Cheers Subin!

  • Not able to download app from windows phone 8.1 now is there any problem
  • Did you just read the article? The title? It is available FOR WINDOWS 10.
  • What about Windows 10 Mobile?
  • Yup.
  • Still with no Live support
  • Candy crush has this problem for me too, it doesn't downloads or updates, and stays stuck in pending. What works for me is restarting my phone while it is in pending and after the restart it starts downloading automatically.
  • Happens to me too. Try moving the app to phone storage then update. That worked for me
  • Dullard.
  • I had that problem for about a week. It finally downloaded with Airplane mode on over Wi-Fi
  • It would be nice to read: New Snap chat, League of legends, periscope arrive to windows 10 store as universal apps. (and many more follow)
  • What happens to your saves when you will transfer to the Candy Crush for Windows 10 mobile? P.s I don't play CC, just asking
  • If you have linked it with your fb account, it will have saved data synced across all devices on which it is installed
  • It's an online game which connect with FB , so your data won't be lost
  • Your can log in with your facebook account which keeps your current level saved no matter what platform you play on.
  • If you link to FB, you also get 5 lives on every device. So if you play on phone and use up your lives, you can continue on Surface additional 5 lives and PC another additional 5 lives... then continue on your work PC for another 5 lives, and your neighbors PC for another 5 lives, and your family's phones for more lives... LOL..
  • And when will Project Islandwood be available?
  • After three days 20/7
  • Well I just read that ios is trying to use a new platform to create apps, which would make project islandwood useless. MS needs to catch up fast and make a new project software for each new platform they use.
  • I a not sure if you are serious or not. 1. Microsoft is already working on adding support for Swift to Visual Studio. 2. Apple is going to open source Swift.
  • SWEET!
  • Tasty.
  • Sweet and tasty. Yum Yum.
  • promise fulfilled ^_^
  • Me also tipped..
  • Aahw poor you..
  • I am guessing that this is the iPad version.
  • Hope titles like Limbo, Oceanhorn, The Ensign, Shadow Blade, and apps like GoodReader, Alien Blue, AirPano Travel Book,WinZip, Bitstrips etc make the crossover to Windows 10 too
  • Alien Blue is debatable, looking at readit and their plan to bring it to Windows 10, I'd say we already have a very good reddit app.
  • This is awesome!  Thank you!
  • Is that "Port" from iOS?
  • Think so
  • Prepare for battery drain.
  • I've been playing it on WP 8.1 for months. It's perfectly fine on battery.
  • They don't just do porting and ta-da! They then must tweak before it can be played. Then it becomes "Windows" app not "Port" app. Do not scared.
  • "ta-da" LOL
  • Where is soda
  • Check the fridge.
  • LOL!
  • That made me laugh too
  • Wonderful news,Scrabble on the way,hopefully.
  • any news about candy crush SODA saga for windows phone ?
  • Last paragraph maybe?
  • Like how it's on windows. Hate the game.
  • Me too. I'd also love Windows to have Snapchat even though I hate it.
  • LOL that's funny
  • That's quick from
  • Wait, I thought we just had an article stating that the unified app store isn't online yet.
  • That doesn't mean apps can't be available. We already have the Microsoft universal apps, without the unified store
  • The article says, "The game is a universal app and can now be downloaded through the new unified Windows store.." If the store's not available, how can the app now be downloaded through that store? It'd be like if I tried to go to Best Buy and purchase a Windows 10 phone today. They might exist, but as they're not available, I can't actually go buy them.
  • So it's not like it at all then is it, since Candy Crush does exist and can already be used.
  • The Web-based version of Windows Store its not ready. Windows 10 PC already have it. You can see phones app there along with PC apps.
  • Brace yourself !
    Floods of apps are arriving !
  • The Flood are arriving!
  • Way to rules at the englishs. *slow clap* Seriously, your grammar is lackluster.
  • Seeing as the Flood are a mix of races bound by a common leadership in the HALO series of games, his grammar is correct.
  • I hope that big players like this one release their real windows 10 apps before the 29th of July. People would think the store isn't usefull if there aren't many popular app and start downloading normal programs from the desktop. But I have confidence that the store will have some great apps and games. Firefox for example has made a Windows 10 app already, so I think the rest will folow.
  • That's what we could expect from windows 10
  • Do you have a Lumia 730 or a Windows Phone with onscreen navigation bar running Windows 10 mobile? If you do, please double tap on the nav bar between the icons and see the magic. It locks the phone!
    I just did this on my friend’s Lumia 730 on 10066 and it worked on both the sides. On any screen!
    It's like OMG!
  • NavMagic
  • You are damn right! Jus tried it.
  • It was already available in Lumia 640 running Windows phone 8.1 update 2. I was already using it and it's really cool and convenient.
  • It's available in update 2 itself. Pretty useful feature. Using it from almost 1 month
  • yea in update 2 navbar has that feature. i've been using that double tap since i bought my 640xl. my bro have a 925 with the physical buttons and he has been using a tile that turns off the screen without having to press on the power button. in this case, ux for the nav bar on screen is way better compared to the physical button.
  • I have it on my l630
  • Get a cough syrup and disappear.
  • Do I have to get "a" cough syrup or will "some" do? I'll disappear when your writing abilities appear
  • Have some aloe. It'll help soothe that burn.
  • /care
  • Now Windows 10 is complete :D
  • It is.....wait, Snapchat is still missing XD
  • So is a Crunchyroll app.
    I've been waiting for one for PCs and Tablets for years now.
  • downloaded and installed but it cannot find network to login with userid? in-app purchase works of course  
  • I don't play this game on my Android device but I will just have to install on Windows 10 anyways, just for the sake of supporting it. :P
  • Only Windows 10? This is super stupid. I thought Universal Apps are really universal, but MS is fragmenting them. Stupid.
  • Didn't follow you.
  • Windows 10 only, not on Windows 8.1.
  • ????
  • Wait, what?
  • I have tried it on Desktop. It don't even worth discussing. Completely grimy and I dare any avid player to play two stages. Any one out there to accept the challenge. Game just looks like a playing on mobile with magnifying glasses.
  • Maybe based on your own judgment, but for me it's awesome on desktop! Just installed and currently playing, on my 4th stage now :-). Interestingly I actually prefer using a mouse to swipe the candy rather than my thumb, my accuracy is super high now!
  • Maybe it's a bug. Look really clear on my system.
  • Works just fine here. 
  • This is not good news. Anything related to King is not good news
  • Same with Supercell. Unless you're talking about the Supercell that's a Japanese band that produces vocaloid music. Then I completely support them. But the Supercell that makes CoC and BB is just as bad as king.
  • Ugh, nty
  • Oh god. It's happening again.
  • I think the store is still not unified as stated.
  • So it begins.
  • I thought they said iOS apps that were ported to wp could not be made universal and only Android apps could be made universal?
  • Other way around.
  • Can we play HD movies on windows 10 using Showbox apk app.
  • Remember the times when we used to read about King publically stating about not bringing its apps to windows and now look where we are. Hope fate comes to bite google, snap chat in the same way as it did to King so that they come running back to windows ecosystem. Sigh. One can hope.
  • Awesome
  • Downloaded and tested and it is very responsive and smooth. Now how do I feedback as an insider ;-)
  • This^.
    If this is actually a project Islandwood app, win 10 is going to be overloaded with apps!!!
  • finally 
  • The virus has spread to PCs.
  • I will NOT download this and if it ever gets pre-installed I will remove it immediately.
  • What about Windows 8.1?
  • YAY!  
  • whyis it very slow on my widows 10?
  • I would suggest you to use this tweak Clash of Clans for PC. 
  • I am planning use Candy Crush Saga on my website Phone Detective Hub is it possible.