Ground control


Drone hunter


Adaptive to countless situations, Gridlock's Trax Stingers are effective across most levels of play. She'll keep defenders in their place while packing beastly firearms.

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  • Adapts to a variety of playstyles
  • Great for solo play
  • Powerful weapons


  • Slow speed
  • Often easy to counter

Mozzie's drone-hacking ability leaves foes at a significant loss, especially in well-organized teams. He can get anywhere with his agility and light weapons – even as a fly on the wall.

$5 at Amazon


  • Truly unique role
  • Strong addition to communicative teams
  • Fast and agile


  • Better armed alternatives

Operation Burnt Horizon is the latest expansion for the hit tactical shooter, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The new Australian-themed drop stows a duo of playable Operators newly-equipped with two impressive gizmos. While Gridlock proves an underfoot menace for defenders on the move, Mozzie oversees the battle with his four-legged friends. Here's which Burnt Horizon Operator is best-suited for you.

Gridlock makes you watch your step

Heading Burnt Horizon's offense is Tori "Gridlock" Tallyo Fairous, a brawny Operator outfitted with a gadget keeping attackers on their toes. Dubbed "Trax Stingers," the trio of throwable canisters stow a nasty surprise, unpacking into a sprawl of razor-sharp plates. Multiplying over time, it's a brutal underfoot trap to unknowing defenders.

While Rainbow Six Siege traps are traditionally assigned to valuable defenders, Gridlock brings a fresh spin on an attacking role. Dealing ten damage per pad and a slowdown effect, they're an indispensable sidekick for locking down the map. Paired with an audible crack upon activation, Stingers also serve as low-level intelligence tools.

Trax Stingers primarily halt defenders on the move; targeting choke points or sealing rotation paths around the bombs. They also push defenders away from objectives and critical angles, allowing the team to drive forward safely. Buyers will also find new applications regularly; like creating an extra hurdle after planting the defuser.

Gridlock is also well-positioned in combat, with choice of the F90 assault rifle or M249 SAW light machine gun (LMG) as primary weapons. The F90 packs considerable stopping power, holding up against class rivals and flexible in most encounters. And while her M249 SAW is heavy and sluggish, its high damage, capacity, and scope make for deadly ordnance.

While Gridlock's gadget packs excellent potential, it's also easily countered by all Operators. Each Trax Stinger pad can be destroyed with a single shot, though placement and timing will prevent this. It's about cooking that perfect storm of chaos, throwing defenders off guard, and watching them fall under pressure.

Take control with Mozzie

Max "Mozzie" Goose is the latest defender joining the ranks, rocking the new drone-hacking "Pest Launcher." Commanding three arachnoid gadgets, the slingshot shakes up a long-untouched core of Rainbow Six gameplay and changes how foes survey the objective. Latching onto drones for an instant hijack, Pests provide more defender information than ever before.

With fast reflexes, the Pest Launcher can be fired directly at drones for a swift takeover. Alternatively laid as a trap for passers-by, the hard-to-spot bugs will await prey to enter their radius. Landing a clean shot is challenging, though formulating your ambushes proves equally enjoyable.

Under Mozzie, you'll get hands-on with much lighter gear. The P10 RONI is a reformed machine pistol, trading damage for an increased rate of fire and agility. While considerably higher damage when squared up against the Commando 9, both are healthy choices at Burnt Horizon's launch. The Commando 9 is well-suited for all but the P10 RONI's agility doesn't go unnoticed.

Once in play, attackers must stay wary of Mozzie's Pests. An on-screen indicator notifies when a pest is near, though careless drivers can still fall for well-orchestrated traps. And hijacked drone LEDs shift from red to blue, allowing those with a sharp eye to identify turncoats.

Which Burnt Horizon Operator is best?

Gridlock brings a fresh ability to Rainbow Six Siege's roster, shaking up offensive play. She's particularly well-suited for solo players, without reliance on heavy communication to be effective. However, if integrated into a well-composed team, coordination takes Trax Stingers to the next level.

Mozzie is another strong addition to Rainbow Six Siege, providing unique information and tapped into a new aspect of gameplay. But an organized team is strongly recommended for relaying enemy positions via an army of rogue drones.

Both Burnt Horizon Operators are now available for purchase with 24,000 Renown, the game's earnable currency. They're also purchasable with 600 R6 Credits, equating to $5, so we recommend the full duo at launch. Pick the Operator which best fits your needs and overall playstyle.

However, for free access to both Mozzie and Gridlock, alongside all future Operators, the Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 Pass is unbeatable. Providing 7-day early access, alongside exclusive gear and benefits, it's an ideal pickup for regular players.

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