Rainbow Six Siege concept drops first Year 4 Season 3 teaser

Ubisoft has unveiled Operation Phantom Sight; the latest seasonal expansion headed to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Further expanding its hit tactical shooter, a duo of covert Operators joins the ever-growing Rainbow Six roster. Ruthless veiled predator Nøkk ushers in a new role for offensive play, while Warden delivers a new way to counter projectiles. And although 2019's second update is weeks from release, we're seeing early traces of Year 4 Season 3.

Newly-posted Nøkk concepts explore the foundations of the mysterious Operator, including the creation of her "HEL Presence Reduction" device beside Mira. Ubisoft lore now pitches this crafty defender as Rainbow's head of research and development, as an instrumental role in upcoming Operator gadgets. However, attention has shifted to cryptic background details, via a featured blackboard.

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Spotted by YouTuber coreross, concept art seemingly stows two unreleased gadgets, providing a possible teaser of Season 3. You'll find rough grappling gun sketches annotated with "Rappel!!" and "Fast + Quick," accompanied by an ignited canister.

It's not the first reference of such abilities, aligning with previous leaks from early 2019. Reputable leaks hinted at a "good reason to reinforce hatches on the same floor," making a form of hatch-climbing attacker increasingly likely. Our sources have also previously offered passing mention of explosive barrels, further backing such claims.

Year 4 Season 3 is expected to drop in August 2019, with two new Operators hailing from Peruvian and Mexican counterterrorist forces. Ubisoft is yet to formally discuss plans for its next wave of Operators, leaving options open for the months ahead. In the meantime, don't miss our recent hands-on with Operation Phantom Sight's Nokk and Warden, headed to Rainbow Six Siege in the weeks ahead.

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