New Rainbow Six Siege leak details Australian Year 4 Operators

Rainbow Six Siege Year 4
Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft is gearing up the next major update headed to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, kicking off the tactical shooter's fourth year of post-launch content. While its Year 4 Pass recently hit digital storefronts, official details on planned future updates are yet to surface.

Retaining Rainbow Six Siege's prior content structure, Year 4 expected to deliver four separate expansions, each themed around a nation's counterterrorism unit (CTU). Alleged details on Year 4 Season 1 have now emerged, indicating an Australian update is planned for early 2019.

First posted to ResetEra, Year 4's latest leak details two Australian Operators in development. Headlining the duo is Gridlock, an alleged attacking Operator, equipped with proximity-based "red web tracker" gadgets. Once triggered, these devices damage nearby foes and emit an audible alarm. Such an ability could prove valuable in locking down defender rotations.

Mozzie is an accompanying defender leveraging a deployable trap to capture drones. When drones enter its radius, the Operator can hijack the device for defensive use. The source also refers to a Kanal map rework, likely similar to last year's Hereford Base facelift.

Updated January 1, 2019: An alleged image of Gridlock's red tracker gadget has now surfaced on ResetEra, further backing prior claims. The deployable device appears similar to Frost's Welcome Mat, activated by walking in a set area. While seemingly highly-visible, Gridlock could bring a new role to offensive teams.

Both Operator profiles align with prior Year 4 leaks, where Ubisoft-published translation files featured dialogue attributed to upcoming Operators. However, with such details already public knowledge, take this lightly ahead of official teasers.

Accompanying these Australian leaks, a supposed image of the upcoming duo has surfaced on Reddit. Featuring both new Operators via a pre-release menu, this could be our first look at the future additions.

Although providing little on the Operators themselves, the image sets the tone for what lies ahead. Given its low resolution, once again take unconfirmed information lightly before a reveal.

In the meantime, don't miss our roundup of Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 so far, including further details on planned seasons, Operators, and more.

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