Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 content roadmap coming 'soon™'

Rainbow Six Siege Hero
Rainbow Six Siege Hero (Image credit: Ubisoft)

With a third year of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege updates wrapped, Ubisoft is looking ahead to future content for its hit tactical shooter. With Operation Wind Bastion in full bloom, Year 4 is the next highly-anticipated launch with its first season. However, despite various alleged leaks, official details on plans are limited.

Previously, Ubisoft has committed to an annual roadmap during each season finale, outlining plans for the coming year. However, with Wind Bastion long-deployed, details on the Year 4 roadmap's existence are scarce. Ubisoft is now seemingly teasing its Year 4 roadmap unveiling, via a post to the Rainbow Six Twitter account.

Responding to Rainbow Six YouTuber, BikiniBodhi, Ubisoft provided a witty response to playful claims of "Roadmapis Abstinencitis." With the swift response "Doc is on his way and will treat you... soon™," the Year 4 roadmap reveal appears imminent.

Anticipation for Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 grows, amid alleged leaks surfacing online. We're currently expecting new Australian-themed Operators bearing traps and drone-hacking gadgets, alongside a new themed map. This is all expected during the Six Invitational live stream on February 17, 2018.

For more details on Year 4, don't miss our complete roundup of news so far.

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