Rainbow Six Siege's Maestro will bring the big guns to multiplayer

Ubisoft has formally showcased the next Operator on its way to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, under the upcoming Operation Para Bellum expansion. Tailing the recent unveiling of the hologram-wielding "Alibi," we've now received our first official look at "Maestro."

Following the release of two attacking Operators with Operation Chimera, this season is balanced with a pair of new Italian defenders. Maestro places a focus on heavy firepower, packing brutal gadgets and a personality to match. Alongside a brief background outlined on the official game site, Maestro has also received a 30-second CGI teaser trailer.

While Maestro's full reveal is still to come, numerous reputable leaks break down what to expect in-game. Game files have pointed toward the inclusion of a "Barrage" ability, featuring one deployable "evil eye" fully-automatic turret, remotely controlled through a camera. The CETME Ameli light machine gun is also set to make its first appearance in-game, as his primary firearm.

Maestro will debut under a wider expansion on its way to Rainbow Six Siege, known as Operation Para Bellum. Other contents include the new multiplayer map "Villa", an upgrade to the existing Clubhouse map and much more. For a look at what to expect from Operation Para Bellum, check out our in-depth breakdown of announcements and leaks so far.

A full reveal of Maestro and other Operation Para Bellum content is expected during the official Pro League Finals between May 19 and May 20. The expansion is estimated to release on June 5 or June 6, based on recent announcements.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Para Bellum: Everything we know

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