Rainbow Six Siege 'Alibi' and 'Maestro' Italian Operators leaked

Only a few weeks after the release of Rainbow Six Siege's "Operation Chimera" expansion, players are already beginning to uncover what lies ahead for the tactical first-person shooter. Curious Reddit users have ventured into the game's PC files after a recent update, discovering details on two upcoming playable Operators under an Italian counterterrorism unit.

Players have reportedly uncovered introductory videos for two unannounced characters, "Alibi" and "Maestro." Accompanied by placeholder text, the videos showcase a look at characters likely on their way in the next season of post-launch content. This aligns with previous announcements from Ubisoft, confirming Year 3's Season 2 Operators will hail from an Italian unit.

Diving into the two video files, it appears both Operators are stationed in the "Gruppo di intervento speciale," under the Italian Carabinieri military police. Between her name and leaked footage, Alibi appears to utilize a hologram to distract enemies. Conversely, Maestro appears to sport a belt of heavy ammunition, likely dealing high damage to foes. This backs up previous leaks, where one Reddit user found references to holograms and bulletproof cameras in the game's files.

For now, it's best to view these leaks with a level caution – while these Operators look promising, we'll likely have to wait on an official announcement from Ubisoft before confirming their authenticity. For now, players can jump into the game's new Operation Chimera update, which added Lion and Finka as new Operators, as well as the new Outbreak mode and Outbreak Pack cosmetics.

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Matt Brown

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