Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera 'Lion' and 'Finka' Operators revealed

Details continue to surface on "Operation Chimera" – the next post-launch expansion on its way to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Alongside the upcoming "Mission Outbreak" co-op mode and new "Outbreak Pack" cosmetics, two new playable Operators are set to make their debut, based on a biohazard theme.

While a full reveal of Operation Chimera is on track for the Six Invitational from February 16 to February 18, Ubisoft has already provided a deeper dive into the new Operators. Alongside a new cinematic trailer, details have been provided on their loadouts and how they may handle in-game.

One of the biggest disparities from previous seasons is a shake-up of Operator roles, with both characters classified as attackers in competitive multiplayer. "Lion," uses his EE-One-D drone to "survey hot zones and maintain quarantine protocols," while "Finka" leverages a "nanobot shot" in allies to boost health, speed, and recoil control.

Although both Operators are assigned to Rainbow's fictional "Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Threat Unit," each Operator shares aspects of their loadout with their country's respective counterterrorism unit. These Operators utilize existing weapons from GIGN and Spetsnaz Operators, beside their unique gadgets.

Alongside Lion's EE-One-D drone, the Operator will use the new V308 submachine gun, that while similar to the existing Vector .45 ACP, uses .308 rounds. The 417 Marksman rifle and SG-CQB also make a return for primary weapons, while the P9 pistol and LFP586 are offered as secondaries. Lion will also have access to a claymore and stun grenades, as a two speed, two armor Operator.

On top of Finka's ability to buff teammates, the Operator comes with a new Spear .308 rifle, SASG-12 shotgun, and a 6P41 light machine gun. The PMM pistol and GSH-18 also make a return, with breaching charges and stun grenades. This Operator will also be a two speed, two armor Operator who plays an attacking role.

These Operators will make their debut with Operation Chimera, which kicks off alongside the Mission Outbreak event on March 6, 2018. While more information on the expansion will be provided in the coming week, make sure to check out our article on everything we know so far.

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