Rainway PC game streaming app pulled from Xbox One

What you need to know

  • Rainway is an app that lets you stream your PC games to a number of devices.
  • Recently, the beta app became available to everyone on Xbox One.
  • It's no longer available on the Microsoft Store.
  • The Rainway says it was removed due to a request from Microsoft.

Towards the beginning of last year, a service called Rainway made headlines by announcing that it would allow you to stream your existing PC games to Xbox One. There are already ways to stream PC games to Xbox One — like through Miracast — but that results in a lot of lag. Rainway is much better judging from the beta.

While Rainway isn't a traditional subscription-based streaming service like PlayStation Now, it still allows you to play all of your existing PC games on a number of devices as long as they're connected to the internet. You have to download a Rainway client on your PC and then can access your games even from a browser.

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A few days ago, the Rainway beta became available on Xbox One. Unfortunately, it was pulled yesterday at the request of Microsoft. Luckily, the team is working with Microsoft to bring the beta back to Xbox One. We don't know anything about that at the moment.

Hopefully, Rainway will prevail where other services have failed. The main problem with game streaming is the input lag. If your internet connection isn't strong enough or there's an issue with the servers, games can become unplayable.

Huge shoutout to Kylerose7298 for the tip.

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  • "Microsoft has asked us to remove Rainway from the app store"
    hmm strange wasn't MS the one preaching about gamers playing anywhere they wanted? I wonder why MS is doing this. What does MS want?
  • It probably has something to do with privacy settings. I'm sure it'll be back.
  • We don't know what Microsoft want but you seem to be at least implying nefarious intent. Do you know something we don't, or are you just making things up? It could be due to potential licensing issues or all manner of things. If Microsoft could potentially be libel for unlicensed games being played on their platform, would you advise them to allow it? I saw a suggestion elsewhere that it might be because adults-only rated games are not allowed on Xbox but are available on PC. It could also be that the developer has made false claims about the service and Microsoft are concerned that they may end up being criticised for a system outside their control. There are all sorts of possibilities. Given that Microsoft are releasing their games on both platforms and the ability to play games on Xbox that weren't released for Xbox just makes their platform more attractive, I doubt they would prevent it without a good reason, but we'll just have to wait and see what the actual reason is/was. Probably best not to engage in conspiracy theories in the mean time.
  • We will never know what the actual reason is.
  • @John McIlhinney
    "Do you know something we don't, or are you just making things up?"
    Are you having a laugh?
    I didn't make anything up. All I did was ask questions. LOL
  • "Pretends to be shocked in lawsuit"
  • To be fair, this is exactly what you expected to happen, sorry for doubting you buddy.
  • An app that effectively allows you to circumvent the Xbox store was pulled from the Xbox. Let me see if I can figure out where I placed my surprised face.