Razer Blade gets even beastlier with Kaby Lake and 4K

The already powerful Razer Blade is getting even more of a boost thanks to Intel's Kaby Lake processors and even more pixels to push. Razer announced today that the 14-inch Blade is now available (opens in new tab) with Intel's latest processors along with a new 4K display panel option.

Other than the new processing chips and 4K option, the Blade remains the same as it was before. You can still equip the notebook with up to 16GB of RAM, NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1060 graphics and 1TB of SSD storage. The Blade still carries its signature blacked-out chassis as well, with no change in dimensions.

Of course, the Blade still remains a pretty expensive machine, and equipping it with a 4K display will push that price up even further. The machine starts at $1,889 and ventures all the way up to $2,799 when equipped with 4K and 1TB of storage. Still, if you're interested, you can grab the updated Blade from the Razer store now.

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  • Shame, i expected it to have 32GB Ram, bigger screen less bezels but just a CPU update. Damn shame really. Expected more from razer. 4K means even worse battery life than the 3K. Smh.
  • Curious if the 4k display has better color than the QHD+ display
  • Finally available! Glad I've waited this long :D just ordered one!
  • Too bad that 1060 will get a bit bottlennecked by the dual core in this thing
  • You're confusing Razer Blade STEALTH with Razer Blade 14. The latter is quad core, so your point does not apply. Stealth at 12.5 inch has no dedicated GPU.
  • Oh, ok. Cool then.
  • It's a quad core
  • It has 4 cores 8 threads
  • It says it's a dual memory system on their site so can I upgrade it to 32 GB of RAM on my own? PLEASE!!!
  • No, you can't as far as I know.
  • So, giveaway? XD
  • Danny i do not know if this going to be better cooled than the sky lake version. When are you going to get your hands on this Review unit? I'm very curious to see how temps fair with a kaby Lake chip
  • Any info if/when will this be available on BestBuy?