Razer Chroma and Philips Hue is a match made in RGB heaven

There are many smart lighting systems out there but Philips Hue is the largest and most popular. Likewise, PC makers are all-in on RGB these days, but Razer Chroma is one of the most well known and widely supported beyond justt the company's hardware.

And now, the two are getting together in an unholy RGB union to take your gaming experience room scale.

Hue lights integrate seamlessly across all your Razer Chroma enabled devices so every light source in the room reacts with your game. Choose to individually set each bulb to your preferred color, or sync all lighting with a single touch, and enjoy full synchronization - all with Synapse 3.

The Razer Synapse application and Chroma Studio give you endless possibilities to create the immersive setup of your dreams. Chroma is also supported in a number of popular games to produce reactions on your hardware to what's happening in the game. With Hue, that now becomes your room reacting to what's happening in the game.

Download Razer Synapse 3

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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