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Razer has something big to announce November 1 — and it's probably a phone

The gaming company took to its social media channels to tease the upcoming announcement of its "biggest unveiling. Accompanying the date is the image of a shadowy figure enjoying what is pretty obviously a mobile device of some sort, and is almost certainly a smartphone.

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Razer hasn't exactly been shy about what it has been working on in the mobile space. Earlier in 2017, Razer acquired Nextbit, the makers of a pretty unique Android phone called the Robin. Alongside an IPO filing in July, Razer revealed that it was indeed working on a smartphone for release by the end of 2017.

Razer typically focuses its efforts on creating high-end gaming accessories, but it has expanded its reach to gaming laptops and even lighting kits in recent years. As for what Razer will bring to the table for a smartphone, it's safe to say that it will likely focus on gaming in some way. But exactly what form that will take remains to be seen. For now, you can head to Razer's event page to sign up for alerts on whatever it's set to announce on November 1.

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  • Please be a compact phone under 5 inches with flagship specs!!! 
  • And with Windows on it! Well, it could be a nice 7 or 8 inch gaming tablet with 4G(LTE), great spec and a controller like the Lynx Vision. I like the Vision, but it needs better spec. More ram for a start. I think if they try to release a gaming device for Android games it won't be as great for gaming as something that can handle Steam.
  • Getting old fast.
  • Steam's still quite popular though, especially with gamers who are Razer's main demographic.
  • Thats unrealistic. A) Android is only OS available and useable in phone form but Android is rubbish for gaming and lacks any AAA games network like PSN,Steam or Xbox so if it is Android then Razer need Xbox or Steam support along with their own ports of games and custom API's/ROM to bypass all the Android garbage. B) It's it's x86 based then you only have full bore Windows, not ideal OS for phones but access to AAA games and networks, the problem is x86 hardware for handheld is extremely poor, the only chip with delivers okay'ish peformance and low enough power draw without costing a fortune is one of Intels ultra low voltage Core M3 units which is whats going to be the GPD-Win2 another PC handheld. C) Arm Windows 10 with x86 emulation, this would solve the above x86 problem so long as Razer can get devs building native ports of games to extract full peformance but that means MS letting Arm Win32 apps being developed and so far MS is still saying Arm is UWP only.
  • @gold-stars, if your option C is what they are showing, that would be hugely welcome change from decline to rebirth for our mobile Windows hopes. Having said that, I suspect (hope to be wrong) that it's something based on Android (your option A).
  • Hm I don't know about compact but if they made a deal with Microsoft then I can see this phone running Android initially with a future update to dual boot full Windows 10 on ARM coupled with their eGPUs. Along with maybe a lapdock that also has an eGPU?
  • Surface Gaming Phone!
  • A powerful handheld with windows on it would be great like switch.....
  • A phone for gamers by gamers .  Ι am sure it will be nothing special . Remember the essential phone ?   i member
  • When was the Essential phone made by gamers or remotely targeted at gamers?! Maybe if it had been it'd have sold more than 5,000 units ;-)
  • Sounds like that Whartonbrooks phone that never got off the ground
  • I just did a wee.
  • yeah we know you peed
  • Clean up in aisle 3 !
  • Another Android phone would be a waste of resources.   Now a Windows on Arm phone with C-Shell would be something else entirely.
  • An even greater waste of resources?
  • Didn't mean to hit the "Report" button. Stupid Android on-screen keyboards are garbage.   Actually, a Windows on ARM phone with the horsepower to run all apps and programs at full speed would be a boon for an already stagnate mobile world.    Neither Android or iOS are really innovating, and no, VR is not innovating.  Been tried before with minimal actual useage in the real world.
  • This is another chance for Microsoft to re-enter the mobile phone OS open source alternative against Windows Mobile which officially died last weekend. If Razer launches Android phone running Google Play its not the end of the world, If Microsoft works closely with Razer for the 2nd generation Razer device for 2018, it would be running an AOSP based OS but controlled by Microsoft's own appstore, this would be used to work like Nintendo Switch while you are at home and you can stream your PC games to your handheld device, or aas another example as Sony does with PS4 and their PS4Remote app on flagship Xperia phones today.
  • I'd love it to be a premium GPD Win essentially. With LTE. But it's more likely to be a phone, which is both sad, and boring at the same time.
  • It's going to be a WATCH.  Like a smart WATCH that uses your smart phone to display what it does.
  • Another gaming tablet maybe? Something with some real power.
  • Hope they make Windows 10 on ARM phone great for GAMES
  • Great, another generic Android phone. Yawn.
  • I hope it's a combination of Windows Desktop (for PC gaming) and andriod phone (for mobile gaming), with special design (clamshell, duel screen, physical buttons, etc.) and high end / high quality. It's ok if it's more expensive than iPhone X.
  • I want a Steam/Windows handheld, powerfl enough to play the likes of The Witcher 3 or Gears 4.
  • android gaming is trash p2w crap . they should try to replicate a gpdwin , that was very popular.
  • Even though it would be cool to see a new mobile device, even if it is Android, but I seriously just think it will be a tablet of some type. I bet the CEO of Razer for a call from Satya and he explained to him that the market didn't need another tablet entry 🙄
  • Having seen what the CEO of Razer posts if Satya was to call him and tell him that the CEO would literally faint from laughing so hard.
  • I still love my nVidia Shield K1 Tablet
  • Portable Windows gaming system with an Android OS experience for smartphone functions. That would be interesting.
  •  notice how far apart his hands are in that photo. That's a big phone. I'm guessing a small tablet.
  • Maybe something like Switch?
  • a gaming phone would be amazing.
  • Razer Tablet Microsoft abandoning consumer market.
  • I do believe that you are correct WG, and if they do it will be terrible, and most likely their demise.
  • Razer gaming phone - starting at $1,499 with options up to $3,699. Seriously, why would they ever want to compete in this market. Just ask HTC how cut throat it is.