Razer Kraken Ultimate levels up your sound with THX spatial audio, Discord-certified mic

Razer Kraken Ultimate headset
Razer Kraken Ultimate headset (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Razer today introduced the Kraken Ultimate headset, a more premium addition to the Kraken lineup.
  • The Kraken Ultimate keeps a familiar design, but adds THX spatial audio, a pro-quality noise-canceling mic, and "custom-tuned" 50mm drivers.
  • The Razer Kraken Ultimate is available today for $130.
  • Razer also launched a Kraken X with USB and announced the Kraken Stormtrooper Edition.

There's a new addition to Razer's Kraken family, and it's all about pushing the high end. The new Razer Kraken Ultimate build on the familiar design of its predecessors, but adds some more pro-quality features to step up your game.

The biggest addition to the Kraken Ultimate is THX spatial audio. With more precise positional accuracy than 7.1 surround sound, THX spatial audio works by adjusting its virtual speakers on the fly to match an audio source's distance and location. In game, this translates to being able to more easily pick out exactly where enemy footsteps or bullets are coming from.

In additiong to the THX spatial sound boost, the Kraken Ultimate brings 50mm drivers that have been "custom-tuned" to have a "more natural sound curve." There's also a new Discord-certified, active noise-canceling mic that should ensure you sound clear to teammates at all times. Of course, there's also Chroma RGB lighting on the earcups and cooling gel in the ear cushions.

Razer Kraken X USB and Kraken Stormtrooper Edition

Razer Kraken Stormtrooper Edition

Source: Razer (Image credit: Source: Razer)

Beyond the Kraken Ultimate, Razer also announced some updates to the rest of the Kraken lineup today. There's the new Kraken X USB, which takes the Kraken X and adds a USB connection. It also offers green earcup lighting and 7.1 virtual surround sound.

Then there's the Kraken Stormtrooper Edition, which expands on the Stormtrooper accessories Razer released earlier this year. If you're a big Star Wars fan or already have the other Stormtrooper Edition peripherals, then this is a must-have with its iconic black-and-white design.


The Razer Kraken Ultimate is available today for $130. Likewise, the Razer Kraken X USB is available today for $60. The Kraken Stormtrooper Edition is available for $110.

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