Razer made a Pikachu keyboard and mouse, and they're downright adorable

What you need to know

  • Pokémon and Razer have joined forces on a new keyboard, mouse, and mousepad only available in China.
  • The set features none other than the series' electric rodent mascot, Pikachu.
  • Pokémon and Pikachu references are all over the accessories, which are based on Razer's Ornata keyboard and DeathAdder mouse.

Look at your keyboard and mouse. Notice something? If you're like me, there's a disctinct lack of Pokémon pizzaz — and that's just tragic.

For the lucky Pokémon fans in China, however, there's now a remedy for this utter lack of pocket monster-laden PC peripherals I didn't know I needed (via Nintendosoup). Razer has released a special Pikachu keyboard, mouse, and mousepad, and I'm hopelessly jealous.

The accessories are built using Razer's Ornata keyboard and DeathAdder mouse as a base. The DeathAdder has had Razer's glowing logo replaced with an outline of Pikachu's tail. There's far more going on with the Ornata keyboard, which includes little Pikachus on the arrow keys, a Pokéball on the escape key, and even more of Pikachu on the wrist wrest.

All of this is tied together with a big, loud, yellow mousepad sporting the electric rodent himself.

Sadly, I doubt we'll ever see these glorious shrines to Pikachu arrive in other regions. If you're curious, you can stare longingly at Chinese retailer TMall's keyboard and mouse listings.

As for me, I'll continue my journey to be the very best like no one ever was without Pikachu at my side.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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