Razer's Chroma lighting is coming to cars (yes, cars) in China

It's a trend in PC gaming culture to slap RGB lights on anything with a physical surface, and nothing represents this better than Razer's Chroma lighting effects. But with Razer's latest partnership, Chroma is taking the show on the road – quite literally.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan today announced the company has partnered with Chinese electric car startup Leapmotor to bring Chroma to its cars. And from the looks of it, that'll include lighting effects, which Razer fans will be intimately familiar with, peppered throughout the interior of Leapmotor's upcoming automobiles.

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So, now that Chroma has made the jump from gaming PC mainstay to road warrior, one can't help but wonder what's next. Keeping with the transportation theme, how about a Chroma-laden bike? Or how about a move into the home with a Chroma-covered chrome coffee maker? The possibilities are endless!

One thing's for sure: Razer isn't afraid to spread the Chroma love. But I can't help but ponder the immortal words of one Ian Malcom: "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."

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  • What about RGB on buses, trains, coaches, houses, flats and skyscrapers whilst they're at it? /Sarcasm. I just hope it's just in the interior only as it's really a useless gimmick anywhere else - mood lighting for the interior is only use case i think of for the average person. The havoc lights wreak on local wild life ecosystems is nuts then throw in the RGB lightning on outside of cars and other transport... Also if it's outside of the cars than it will be a useless drain on the batteries on electric cars unless they have figured out to use the photons emitted from the LEDs as a source of energy to recharge the batteries. If they have a seperate battery on board just to power external RGB then it's a useless addition of weight as lower weight allows for better acceleration. Sure, it would negligible but it still counts when you are trying to eek out as much travel distance from a single charge for example. Not to mention the component cost when it comes to mass production which can be used for R and D, wages etc. There aren't any long term positives to this at all on cars as when RGB fad drifts away like every other trend it will become a redudant cost. The short term positive is some sales hype and maybe some increased sales as it's not a unique feature. As well as some poster sales for those who are into RGB and neon light kits. Chroma on bicycles and motorbikes would be the most helpful (especially on in dark country roads) providing they aren't blinding to other motorists - as this way you would be able to spot a rider miles away. Chroma on trainers would also sell as most young kids like trainers with flashing lights however for adults?...
    Most adults wouldn't buy them however for runners who train all hours especially in the dark it would be a additional and helpful safety tool.