Razer's Nari Ultimate wireless headset lets you feel your games with haptic feedback

Razer has plenty of gaming headsets to choose from in its lineup, but its latest may be the most unique. Called the Nari Ultimate, the wireless headset packs not only top-notch audio tech, but also haptic feedback to bring a new dimension to your gaming audio.

Razer calls the tech "HyperSense," and it was developed in partnership with a German engineering firm specialized in creating haptic technologies. While gaming, watching a movie, or listening to music, Razer HyperSense can convert audio signals into tactile feedback using the Nari Ultimate's haptic drivers, allowing you to "feel" the audio. Because it works with any audio signal, games and other media don't have to be developed or created with any special form of HyperSense integration in mind.

In addition to its main draw, the Nari Ultimate includes THX Spatial Audio, which can simulate 360-degree sound. You can adjust game and chat audio balance with the headset in both wired and wireless modes, allowing it to work across PC, Xbox One, other consoles, and mobile devices. The earcups have also been designed with cooling gel, along with indented eyewear channels.

The Nari Ultimate is expected to become available later this year at a price of $200. The headset will also be available in two other versions without haptic feedback. The standard Nari is available now, priced at $150, featuring the same "comfort, sound technology and all other features," of the Nari Ultimate, aside from HyperSense. Meanwhile, the Nari Essential "focuses on core wireless gaming headset features with THX Spatial Audio, comfort with an auto adjusting headband, and cooling gel ear cushions and lag-free performance," and is expected to be available later this year for $100.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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