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Razer's reusable straw will help you go green, but it doesn't have RGB

Razer Reusable Straw
Razer Reusable Straw (Image credit: Razer)

What you need to know

  • Razer announced a reusable straw that comes in a carrying case.
  • The straw features a Silicone tip and telescopic design.
  • It's part of Razer's initiative to be more green and sustainable.

Razer announced a reusable straw today. It's the latest effort from the company to be more green and sustainable. Razer has also helped saved 100,000 trees and is working to move to recycled and recyclable materials. I recently spoke with Razer's chief of staff and member of Razer's board, Patricia Liu, to discuss Razer's environmental efforts.

Moving over to the straw; it has a telescopic design that makes it easy to pop into its included carrying case. It also has a Silicone tip to minimize the risk of scalding. Silicone can also be recycled multiple times and is an environmentally-friendly material. The body of the straw is stainless steel.

Razer describes the straw on its website:

Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, the straw is easy to carry and features an ingenious collapsible design that lets you enjoy your favorite beverages from a wide variety of cups with ease. Durable and non-biodegradable, stainless steel enjoys a long lifespan and is 100% recyclable, making it an excellent choice for sustainability.

The Razer Reusable Straw costs $20. That price is a bit steep when compared to the competition. Surprisingly, reusable straws vary quite a bit in price. You can, however, usually find ones for under $10 with similar features to Razer's new design.

While the price is higher than some competing products, the Razer Reusable Straw has a black body and bright green Razer logo that will fit right in with the best Razer laptops. Unlike many of Razer's products, the straw does not feature RGB, but that's probably for the best.

Razer Reusable Straw (opens in new tab)

This reusable straw has a telescopic design that fits in its included carrying case. It also has a Silicone tip and straw cleaner.

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  • A what now? Who's leading this company? They're getting weird, it's scaring me.
  • This is the beginning of the end of Razer.
  • No RGB, no dice. I'm out.
  • Wouldn't it be awkward to drink through dice?
  • I do believe Razer has jumped the shark.