RCS messaging is coming to Your Phone app, but only for select Samsung phones right now

Galaxy S20 Plus Back Top Half
Galaxy S20 Plus Back Top Half (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Your Phone app on Windows 10 now supports RCS messages with select Galaxy phones.
  • RCS message support is available when using a Galaxy 20 series phone with the Your Phone app.
  • You have to use the Samsung Messages app as your default SMS app to make the feature work with Your Phone.

Microsoft partnered up with Samsung to bring RCS message support to the Your Phone app on Windows 10. RCS messaging currently works when you use a Galaxy 20 series phone with the Your Phone app. This is the next step of Microsoft's growing partnership with Samsung, which includes preinstalling Microsoft apps on Samsung phones, integrating OneDrive into Samsung's Gallery app, and selling Samsung devices through Microsoft's physical and online stores.

Roberto Bojorquez, a program manager at Microsoft covering Your Phone, announced RCS messaging support for Your Phone on Twitter. Bojorquez states that RCS support for the Your Phone app starts with the Galaxy 20 series, implying that it will come to more phones in the future. Johan Lannstra, a software engineer at Microsoft, clarified that RCS support on Your Phone only works on the Galaxy 20 series right now. He said that in response to a question regarding the Galaxy Z Flip, meaning that Samsung's newest foldable does not support RCS messages with the Your Phone app right now.

RCS is Android's best answer to Apple's iMessage, and when fully supported provides a rich messaging experience. But RCS messaging is complicated and relies on phone manufacturers and carriers. Android Central's Jerry Hildenbrand and Andrew Martonik have an excellent breakdown of RCS, including the challenges it faces, the enriched messaging features it provides, and the current state of RCS support.

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  • It would help if RCS Chat in Samsung Messages worked over your Data Plan. Mine only works when on Wifi. It's not an option when there's no Wifi :(. I guess because unlike Google Messages it's not using Google's RCS Servers. Galaxy S10 on EE in The UK.
  • "integrating OneDrive into Samsung's Gallery app" Not in The UK, at least not yet. It's still using Samsung Cloud.
  • Same here. I think you need Android 10 for it to even show up, where supported.
  • Good news for North Americans who haven't settled on a single platform.
  • Actually, it's completely non-factor considering RCS is still carrier-dependent. It's no different than them putting any other IM client in there.
  • Microsoft's growing partnership with Samsung, which includes preinstalling Microsoft apps on Samsung phones, i
    Another reason not to buy a Samsung phone. i would not use your phone and as for RCS, normal text is fine.
  • Oh ok then?
  • Strange comment on a Microsoft-centric site...?
  • Ha ha indeed Manus.
  • You can just uninstall all of them. Normal SMS isn't "fine".
  • Dumbest thing I have ever heard. Just use the Messages app from Play Store and you'll have RCS. Why complicate it, Samsung?
  • Maybe people don't want Google snooping in on their messaging as well...?
  • Because it's about default options. Most people don't know much about all their phones can do. It's not dumb, it's human nature.
  • Samsung Messages already supports RCS. My Note 9 sends them to other T-Mobile device owners with compatible devices, since release. Galaxy S8 was the same. Aside from that, the Google Messages app is missing useful features in comparison to Samsungs. Actual useful features, not gimmicks... The problem with RCS is that it isn't compatible across carriers, and Samsung can do nothing about that, neither will Google Messages fix it. Personally, I find most of Google's mobile apps to be overrated and not that great in comparison to what Samsung pre-loads. Basic PIM Apps, Calculator, Clock, Browser, File Manager, Voice Recorder, Notes, Reminders, etc. from Samsung are all superior.
  • Hey quick question about that I can not figure out how to get RCS using the Samsung app on my note 10 any advice on your end on how to get it working?
  • I'm excited to see RCS will, I'm assuming, eventually come to your phone with google's implementation too.