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Xbox dropping supply crates on Australia for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds launch

On December 12, this year's biggest smash-hit, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), will be making its console debut on Xbox One. After record-breaking success on PC via Steam's Early Access program, Microsoft will be publishing a version reworked for its home console. And with the release only just around the corner, Xbox Australia is kicking off marketing with an unusual twist.

To celebrate PUBG on Xbox One , Microsoft has announced it will be dropping real-life supply drops across major Australian cities, filled with Xbox goodies. Three supply crates will be airdropped across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, with passcodes to unlock them posted to the Xbox Facebook page. Upon successfully unlocking the crate, avid fans will receive various Xbox-related merchandise, including Xbox One X consoles, Elite controllers, game codes, and more.

While exact locations of the crates are yet to be revealed, the supply drops are currently scheduled for December 9, 2017. For those in the area looking to secure a crate for themselves, Microsoft plans to share more details on Facebook leading up to the event.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is currently on track for a December 12 release on Xbox One, via the console's Game Preview program.

What to expect from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) for Xbox One

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  • It will be interesting how this turns out, I hope people keep it civil as opposed trying to wack each other into oblivion with frying pans lol.
  • Was gonna say, there will be that guy in full cosplay with a frying pan, beating poor kids down for an Xbox One X. I guarantee it.
  • Avoid the supply drop at all costs. :)
  • If they include the XBox Onsie I might have to make a trip to Australia. 😉
  • I bet a crowbar will get into any of them without needing a passcode.
  • I saw on Facebook one dropped in St Kilda, but I couldn't be bothered leaving the house.