Back in early September, LiveSide ran a story about the recent SkyDrive update. Specifically, Wave 5 was to offer a hefty helping of unlimited storage for your photos and Office documents that you've stashed away. The idea seemed reasonable, after all they were limiting it to specific media types, so why not?

Well, it turns out the SkyDrive team is not so confident in that new feature. When asked about it directly on Twitter they said flat out that's it is a rumor:

"We don't offer unlimited photos and docs. Unless it came from our official blog, it's a rumor."

Okay, we suppose we can angle it that they never said it wasn't coming later on. But at least for now that terse wording is leading us to believe that this whole idea of unlimited storage for pics and docs just ain't true. Maybe next time? For now, you'll just have to suffer with your free 25GB of storage. /sarcasm

Source: @SkyDrive; Thanks, Edwin, for the tip!