Realme's first Windows laptop looks like an affordable MacBook Air with a sweet 3:2 display

Realme Book Grey
Realme Book Grey (Image credit: GizNext)

What you need to know

  • Realme is likely to share details about the Realme Book, its first-ever laptop, soon.
  • The laptop is rumored to cost less than $600, have a 3:2 display, and runs Windows 10 (and Windows 11)
  • The company's CEO teased what appears to be the Realme Book on Instagram.
  • Realme is known for its budget-friendly smartphones and looks set to join the laptop space.

Popular smartphone maker Realme appears set to launch its first laptop, the Realme Book, shortly. A report from Gizmochina suggests that the budget-friendly laptop could arrive as soon as this month and come below $600. It's expected that Realme CEO Madhav Sheth will share more about the Realme Book on the next episode of Ask Madhav on YouTube.

The laptop reportedly features a full HD, 3:2 display, Intel 11th Gen processors, and a design that looks like a cross between the Huawei MateBook Pro and Apple MacBook Air.

Realme has confirmed that the Realme Book is on the way but hasn't shared details at this time.

Sheth also teased the RealMe book on Instagram with a post that shows the laptop in both blue and apricot.

Realme also showed off its laptop with a tweet right after the announcement of Windows 11.

Several unofficial leaks have come out about the Realme Book, including renders revealing it in grey, blue, and apricot. We also have a good idea of its specs, though Realme has not confirmed these:

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CategoryRealme Book suspected specs
OSWindows 10 (will work with Windows 11)
CPU11th Gen Intel Core i3
11th Gen Intel Core i5
Display14-inch, 1080p, 3:2 aspect ratio
Ports2x USB-C, USB-A, microphone/headphone
Dimensions307 x 229 x 16 mm (12.1 x 9.2 x 0.63 in)
SecurityFingerprint reader
ColorBlue, Apricot, Grey
Price₹40,000 (roughly $538)

Based on Sheth's recent tease, it appears that the Realme Book can open to a wide-angle. It's unclear if it will be able to lay completely flat, as the image shows it open roughly 150 degrees.

Realme made a name for itself with budget-friendly smartphones and devices that deliver good value for their price, such as the Realme X2 Pro. While you can order Realme phones on Amazon, they are primarily sold in India and China.

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  • Not buying a Chinese laptop...
  • "...just laptops made in China."
  • I suppose you "don't date Asians" too. Nice.
  • If even a budget laptop can have a 3:2 display, I hope this means alot more laptops in the budget-mid range get a 3:2 display in the future too.
  • Yup, as I've been saying the issue is/was the production of 3:2. Previously, only MS ordered them in small batches. Custom, small orders = expensive. As more companies began using them and production went up, it drove down costs. Now, even budget laptops can afford to use them. Trickle-down does work in the tech biz, at least.
  • Interested to know which i3 is, there's a dual core one and a quad core one, so that's a crucial difference, I'm betting on it being a dual core, but there's hope. Also if the i5 version is 650-700$ then that might be a killer laptop.
  • Yup, good questions, will try to get answers. I'll be reviewing this too.
  • Also curious about this.
    i3-1115 (2C/4T)/4gb ddr4/128gb sata3 for $540? That's a total bust.
    i3-1125 (4C/8T)/8gb lpddr4x/256gb nvme for $540? Now that is a great deal, assuming the battery is large enough.
  • Current MacBook Air hereabouts was chosen for robustness, thermals and battery, with OS stability and workmanship a given.
  • Full HD 3:2? I'm guessing 1920 x Some Odd Number.
  • 3:2 and a Core i3. Great idea. Thousands of people should be allowed a decent laptop but just don't need more than a Core i3. Windows runs really nicely on a Core i3. There's a reason why it's in so many sub-500 laptops. I suspect it may only come with 4GB. Which is just about fine, but not really enough now.