ReCore will get a brand new T8NK corebot DLC early next year

ReCore will pick up an all-new T8NK corebot companion in early 2017, which will add a whole new dimension to the game.

The cutesy T8NK corebot, as its name suggests, is a sentient tank that can serve as a platforming aid as well as a personal mount for Joule. It looks as though this update will also bring new challenge dungeons that focus on speed, testing player's abilities to maneuver the T8NK corebot. There's no word on whether this will be a free update or not so far, but we'll keep you updated when we know more.

ReCore takes place in the world of Far Eden, where players control Joule and her menagerie of mechanized companions on a mission to find out why the human colony there failed. ReCore wasn't the biggest budget title to hit Xbox One and the Windows 10 Store this year, but it was among the most vibrant, offering some old-school action platforming atop some gorgeous artwork and some great mechanics.

Check out our ReCore review over here for more information, or see the game's Windows 10 and Xbox Store listing below. It's a fantastic little game, especially for younger audiences. I cannot recommend it enough.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • I haven't seen a review on WC for this title
  • I linked one in the article.
  • Cool thanks
  • Glad to see they haven't completely abandoned the game.
  • Great news
  • I love that game is very unique and fun!
  • I'm excited!
  • I don't mean to sound like an angry troll here, but it's a shock it took this long for at least info. T8NK was pulled from the original release, and didn't even have it's parts pulled with it. Made me think I was missing some story element. Certain areas are even locked without T8NK, or a glitch. Wish I knew why it was pulled. Some series of bugs they couldn't solve quickly enough?
  • ^ This x100. I thought I missed a part of the story line to progress to the last area I couldnt get to. Not to mention the big open desert area just seemed to large to be designed to just walk across everytime.
  • "most underrated"? Sorry but that's not true. The game had great potential but the result was disappointing.
    I still hope they'll make a sequel or even a prequel and fix the problems.
  • 100% agree. To me, its basically Mega Man 3D. The repetitive timed jumps took me out of the game.
  • Got this on Black Friday in WC article. Graphics great, gameplay good and smooth on my PC.
    Just a reminder to finish up my backlog before this update..
    Or maybe i should wait for this update for a complete robot arsenal?
  • damn how i like this game
  • Great little game which I also think was underrated. Look forward to the dlc, hopefully another game in the series and some further new ips from MS
  • Have you played it? Content was cut from it, player experiance was bad firs few weeks. It was rushed to release for scalebound to get more work... good job microsoft...
  • In the original Xbox one which is the one I have, the graphics sucks big time, lags, slow framerate, tears on the screen, and everything you don't like to see on a game. I was disappointed a lot, there are some levels that the game plays sooo slow that almost stutters. However, I love the game, the mechanics, the story, everything. Its been a long time a game captivated me like this ever since the 3 GOW since the failure that was GoW4 is not worth mentioning. I would've loved in the game a faster method of movement since some maps are pretty big. I would've also loved to carry all my bots at the same time, not only 2. But the game is awesome, wanna see more like it!
  • Don't worry ReCore will run great on Scorpio for just an additional $999.
  • I think the game is brilliant but you can just tell there is something missing and judging by how long it has taken to bring the dlc everyone will have finished it. So there just going to lose players for the waiting. But overall class game