Red Dead Redemption 2 launches on PC through Rockstar Launcher, hits Steam on December 5 (update)

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

What you need to know

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is a cinematic action game set in the Wild West.
  • The game is finally available on PC.
  • You can purchase it and play it through the new Rockstar Launcher.
  • It's coming to Steam on December 5.

Updated November 27, 2019: Rockstar Games just announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to Steam on December 5.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a cinematic action-adventure game set in the Wild West. The title takes place in 1899, a time which brought stability to the United States, but also resulted in a drastic shift for many individuals who lived close to the untamed frontier. Beforehand, the federal government chose not to heavily intervene in these territories, going all the way to California.

However, the need for consolidation and some form of control — especially when states like Montana and Utah were admitted into the Union — triggered an end to the uncontrolled lawlessness that prevailed during those times. What many people considered "true freedom" was coming to an end.

According to developer Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC is optimized to take full advantage of the platform with new graphical and technical enhancements. There's increased draw distances for better navigation, higher quality global illumination, support for high-end display setups with 4K resolution and beyond, multi-monitor configurations, widescreen configurations, faster frame rates, and more.

You can download Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC through the Rockstar Launcher. The game may appear on other platforms later, but right now, that's the only way.

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