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Registry entries point to Opera Mobile 9.7 (and multitouch) on the HTC HD2

Some registry diving in one of the leaked HTC HD2 ROMs floating around out there and found a couple of interesting entries.

  • Looks like the HD2 (aka the Leo) will ship with Opera Mobile 9.7 Build 35411.
  • Pinch-and-zoom will be enabled.
  • You can restore tabs after closing and reopening the browser. Very cool.

There are a couple of other nerdcore entries in there. Check 'em out.

Via wmpoweruser

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  • newer versions are out, and Leo has not yet hit shipped status, Opera_9_7_35443 this is now the latest version, and everything, Leo has not hit shipped, but it will ship wtih 97, its also interesting to see that HTC went back to Opera on 6.5 roms, after MS spent how much time redoing PIE and then to have HTC ditch them and all Opera in the last month of Builds.
  • It's an interesting development since without Mobile IE and it's flash support, there's nothing really in WM 6.5 that isn't already in the latest versions of TouchFlo. If this holds up through release, Microsoft better get it's WM 7 "funk on," because there isn't going to be much to show for the 6.5 effort.