Remastered cult classic Outcast: Second Contact gets new developer diary

The original Windows PC game is regarded as a cult classic because it introduced a lot of innovations like an open world environment. Many gamers consider Grand Theft Auto 3 as the main open world game but Outcast: Second Contact beat it by a few years. Today, we got a better understanding of the original title and why publisher Bigben Games and developer Appeal decided to remake the game after almost two decades. A few days ago they announced the game's release date of November 14, 2017. Today, they revealed a new developer diary discussing everything from conceptualization to inspirations.

In this second video, Appeal's Yves Grolet, Outcast: Second Contact's Game Director, and Appeal's Franck Sauer, the game's Artistic Director, explain why they decided to do the remake now. The two also talk about all of the improvements made to the original experience for a 2017 audience. A lot of specialized work goes into updating a game which originally released in 1999.

Outcast: Second Contact puts you in the shoes of Cutter Slade, an American Navy SEAL, who's alone on an unknown planet, without equipment, with no trace of his companions, and without even the slightest idea on how to complete his mission. While immersing himself in an alien civilization and culture, Cutter will have to negotiate with affluent merchants, rally rebel forces, fight the army of a tyrant, and survive in hostile territory. The fate of Earth and this alien planet relies on it.

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Asher Madan

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