Reminder: Samsung ATIV S Neo now available at AT&T

While the spotlight is shining brightly on the news that the Nokia Lumia 1520 is available for pre-order, another Windows Phone has snuck in under the radar at AT&T.  The Samsung ATIV S Neo.

The ATIV S Neo sports a 4.77" HD display, 16GB of internal storage, expandable memory (microSD card), 1.4Ghz dual core processor with Adreno 305 GPU and a 8MP rear camera.

The ATIV S Neo will cost you $99.99 after contractual discounts or $419.99 off contract. The Neo is also available on the AT&T Next program for $21.00 per month for twenty months.

Samsung ATIV S Neo

You should be able to pick up the Samsung ATIV S Neo Windows Phone at your local AT&T Retail Store or here online (opens in new tab) at AT&T's website.

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  • 1520 1520
  • I don't like this design. My ATIV S is much prettier.
  • The ATIV S seems a touch more functional, at least, though I do like the look of the Neo. The power button is in a really strange place.
  • Way too late but otherwise a welcome addition.
  • Who cares.
  • +1520
  • As a fan of Windows Phone, you should care. Giving consumers choice is never a bad thing.
  • You should care. If there's no competition (small as it is right now), there'll be no innovation.
  • Obviously you!!! You read the article and then took the time to post. You're in denial but your actions show you truly care.
  • Nice phone! Support the cause! Windows Phone!
  • I don't understand how anyone would want Android's sloppy seconds. Maybe that's why it's going under the radar?
  • That's a very dumb statement. I guess you only sleep with virgins. I mean if you don't want sloppy seconds with your phone you surely wouldn't want that with your women.
  • I'd get it if my contract was up, but they are extremely late.
  • This is why all the other devices from other manufacturers don't sell well with WP8 - they put out crap spec'd devices with no real support behind them.
  • Just came from my local att store to pick this phone up, they had a demo of the 1520....that thing us a beast! And its huge, will wait for it. Can wait 2 more weeks with my cracked 920
  • No Nokia apps no go - unfortunately
  • What apps are deal breakers for you? I have a 925 and a ATIV S. The only thing I miss is glance / glance background. Since my battery last longer and I have a 64GB SD card its a easy trade off for me.
  • It will be interesting to see how well it sells. Believe it or not, there are die hard Samsung fans out there.
  • <----- die hard Sammy fan!!! But the fact that the neo is more like an S3 and not an S4, Is why i might just go with the 1520. Unless Samsung announces something pretty soon...
  • I think my wife would like this phone because of the physical Windows button and it seems like a logical upgrade path for Focus Flash owners. I think it's sleek and it's lighter than a lot of Nokia phones. I was thinking about either the Lumia 925 or this for my lady. 2000 mah battery and 17 hrs talk time - that's a pretty big selling point!
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  • Design wise I guess a focus user would like it but the 925 is one of the slimmest lumias and its design is nicer then this phone to me
  • I wish Samsung just improved on the focus line instead of pushing out these galaxy like phones
  • "should" is the key word. I doubt any att stores near me will have it.
  • Man, I really love how it says Windows Phone on the back. I wish all the phones had that actually...Maybe when Microsoft acquires Nokia, they'll add that to the back? #hoping
  • Picked up a couple Ativ S Neos and was able to snag 1 1520. the Ative S Neo is a great phone. Love the feel, screen, removable battery and expandable storage. Would highly recommend. The 1520 is a solid non plasticy phablet that feels better in the hand than the note 3. Would also recommend this phone but only for those that want a large phone.