This remote may offer a better way to access Cortana on your Windows 10 PC or phone

The launch of Windows 10 this week will expose many more people to Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant, which was already available in Windows Phone 8.1. Now a mobile device accessory company called Satechi has revealed plans to launch the Cortana BT Button, which it says will help Windows 10 PC and phone users to access Cortana better in locations like a car, an office meeting and more.

Satechi says:

Instead of users needing to turn on the "Hey Cortana" feature, which actively listens to the environment and therefore drains battery, users can opt to use the BT Cortana Button to conserve battery life and stay hands-free. Users can tote the BT Cortana Button on their key chains, steering wheels and more to easily access several aspects of their Windows smartphone such as playing music, GPS directions, taking photos and more. The BT Cortana Button is already packaged with a 3M sticker and a mount to easily attach it to a steering wheel or bicycle handlebars to access smartphone functions while keeping eyes on the road and smart devices stashed away safely."

The button has a Bluetooth wireless range of 40 feet and Satechi claims the battery inside will last up to two years. The Satechi Cortana BT Button goes on sale in late August for the price of $22.99.

Source: Satechi

John Callaham