Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition and DLC announced for December

Capcom has announced two new packs of DLC content are coming to Resident Evil 7 on December 12. Not content with the DLC alone, Capcom also has a Gold Edition of Resident Evil 7 set to release that same day.

As far as the new DLC is concerned, all players will be able to get their hands on "Not A Hero," a piece of DLC content starring a familiar face to the series, Chris Redfield. Here's how Capcom describes "Not A Hero," which was originally set for release this past spring before being delayed.

Available as a free download for all owners of Resident Evil 7 biohazard, "Not a Hero" explores events directly after Ethan Winters' fight to escape from the twisted Baker family in Resident Evil 7 biohazard and offers a different take on survival horror. Join Resident Evil mainstay Chris Redfield as he battles his way through the horrors that lurk underneath the Baker's mansion, fully prepared with new weapons and equipment designed to counter bio organic threats and navigate the maze-like caverns beneath the Baker mansion. Encounters with deadly foes lurk around every corner – including a new type of enemy.

In addition, a new paid piece of DLC, called "End of Zoe," will be available to purchase alone, or as part of the Resident Evil 7 Deluxe Edition, Season Pass, pr the new Gold Edition. Capcom is pretty mum on details, but "End of Zoe" will explore what happened to the Baker's daughter after the events of Resident Evil 7.

Finally, the new Gold Edition of the game will contain the base game along with all DLC, includeing the previously released Banned Footage volumes. No price has yet been announced for the Gold Edition.

You'll be able to get your hands on all of the new content starting December 12. For now, you can jump into Resident Evil 7 at a discount with this week's Spotlight Sale, which drops the price of the game to $35.99.

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