Resident Evil Village: All enemies types and tips for fighting them

Resident Evil Village Lycans
Resident Evil Village Lycans (Image credit: Capcom)

Note: There are major story spoilers ahead, including some previously unannounced enemy types.

The Resident Evil series has always been more than just zombies, and that is definitely the case with the upcoming Resident Evil Village. The sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard looks to be taking the series in a different direction, with less of a focus on science fiction and more on gothic horror. Therefore, we have all new enemy types, including four unique mini-bosses and a mysterious big boss waiting for you.

Compared to other Resident Evil games, there also appear to be more enemy types for you to fight. Hopefully, you ensure Ethan stays stocked up on supplies and resources. Here are all the Resident Evil Village enemies, their backstories, and tips you might need to survive.

Common enemy types


Resident Evil Village Lycan

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They might look like werewolves, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. While Lycans are the most common enemy type you'll encounter in Resident Evil Village, like zombies from previous games, they move very quickly, jump far, and can dodge attacks. Like zombies, they can swarm at you in large numbers (wolves travel in packs, after all) so sometimes the best strategy is to run. They can also bite you if they get too close, so be sure to keep your distance any way you can.

If you do decide to take them on in a fight, you'll manage as long as you have a decent supply of ammo or a shotgun. On standard difficulty, Lycans take around seven handgun shots, but less if you can shoot them in the head.

Lycans (large)

Resident Evil Village Lycan Large

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These mighht look more advanced than regular Lycans, but they're mostly just Lycans in armor and with somewhat more dangerous attacks. You take them down the same way you would a normal Lycan, except you need to be more careful about where you place your shots. Luckily, you can crack their armor if you hit it in the correct place.


Resident Evil Village Moroaica

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Here's a fun bit of trivia: all of the enemies you'll encounter in Castle Dimitrescu are female; men have all been harvested for their blood. Women and girls, on the other hand, have been experimented upon by Lady Dimitrescu and Mother Miranda, turning them into blood-sucking monsters like the Moroaica and the Samca.

Moroaica are the most common enemy type in Lady Dimitrescu's area. They're a lot slower than Lycans, but they tend to appear in much more cramped areas, like the castle dungeons, so it's not as easy to run. They also carry swords, so they can sweep at your from further away. However, because they shamble a lot more than run, their attacks are slow. They also travel in packs. If you run into one Moroaica, chances are there will be more. Like Lycans, they also take a few shots to go down.


Resident Evil Village Samca

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You'll spot the Samca once you start wandering around the outdoor areas of Castle Dimitrescu. They're like the Moroaica, except they have large wings and a long tongue, the latter of which is used to suck blood.

As you can imagine, they're tougher to fight than the Moroaica since they can fly and dodge your attacks. I found the best way to deal with them is to wait for them to fly in close and then shoot off rounds into their heads, whether with a handgun or shotgun. They fly a little too quickly for the sniper rifle, but if you're faster with a long range weapon, it's worth it to try and get rid of them before they get too close.


Resident Evil Village Hauler

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Heisenberg's Factory has a lot of enemy types, but Haulers are the most basic. As you can see from the design, a Hauler is a villager with a large weapon and a metal visor. The visor, however, is key here. All of Heisenberg's enemies go through at least two stages of difficulty. Since this is the first stage of Heisenberg's experiments, you only have to deal with the visor, which protects its head. Just shoot off or destroy it first before moving on to the rest of it.

Soldat Elris

Resident Evil Village Soldat Elris

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The Soldat Elris are the next stage in Heisenberg's Frankenstein-esque creatures. These have a chainsaw-like drill on one arm, and a visor that protects their head. This is also the stage that introduces the reactor, which is filled with a parasite that powers them. From now on, you need to shoot at the reactor first before taking out the enemy. Luckily, the reactor is on the chest here, so it's an easy target. Shooting at the reactor with your shotgun or a more powerful gun stuns the enemy, although they will try and protect that area with their arms. Then, make sure you take out the visor for an easier time.

Soldat Zwei

Resident Evil Village Soldat Zwei

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Up next is the Soldat Zwei. Instead of just one drill, it has two, and the reactor is on the back instead of the front. Two drills means the Zwei's attacks hit a lot harder. However, if you notice, there's no visor here, so it's head is exposed.

Soldat Jet

Resident Evil Village Soldat Jet

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Up next is the Soldat Jet. As you can guess from its pose and name, this is a Soldat with a jetpack, which it can use to hover and jump to you a lot faster than some of the other enemies. It can also use the jetpack for charge attacks, so make sure you block or get out of the way. It's covered in way more armor than its lesser bretheren, so you'll need your grenade launcher to strip away some of it. Then, aim for the reactor once you've gotten rid of his armor.

A word of warning: Soldat Jet have been known to travel in pairs.

Soldat Panzer

Resident Evil Village Soldat Panzer

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This isn't even the Soldat's final form! The Panzer is completely covered in armor and is wielding not just one or two, but multiple drills. This is where you take out your grenade launcher. A direct hit will start stripping the Panzer of its armor, which will expose the reactor on the front of his body. A few shotgun bullets directly at the reactor will eventually shut it down before it explodes.

Mini bosses

Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela

Resident Evil Village Maiden Daughter

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We retain the gothic, classic horror feel with these striking foes. While the enemies in the village are closer to werewolves, Lady Dimitrescu's three daughters, named Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela, are more like witches or vampires. After a cutscene where they torture you, they'll be chasing you around the castle. Both the Tall Vampire Lady herself and her daughters will be stalking you as you try to find your way out. Unlike their mother, they're a lot faster and can travel as a swarm of bugs, meaning your bullets are useless.

We won't spoil the reveal for you, but they do have a weakness, which you'll need to exploit in one-on-one fights. It'll become obvious once you get there, but then you can use your guns to take them out.


Resident Evil Village Varcolac

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If you thought the Lycans were scary, you haven't met a Varcolac yet. You meet the first one while you're going through the village on the way to the reservoir. These are evolved Lycans. They no longer have any human traits, and their fur is starting to turn white.

While their size might be terrifying at first, unlike their smaller Lycan siblings, they can't enter homes (they try, but they don't fit) so hiding is a viable option. Plus, if you hide long enough it'll run away and begin avoiding you until you come closer. If you want to face one in a fight, you'll need some of your stronger weapons, or at least just a shotgun. A good way to deal a lot of damage is to lure it towards you and make it step on a mine.


Resident Evil Village Urias

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

At first, I described this as a "gorilla man" but in actuality, Urias in Romanian just means "giant." The Urias, a much larger werewolf-like creature, and his giant hammer in Resident Evil Village first appears in the first big Lycan fight, but you'll get to fight him one-on-one in Heisenberg's Stronghold... or sort of one-on-one. He's extremely strong and is a formidable opponent on his own, but being the former leader of the village, he has a lot of loyal followers. Unload as much as you can into him before he jumps out of the way and sends out regular Lycans to fight. Make sure to run around the fighting area to collect all the resources you can. You'll need a lot of firepower.

Urias Strajer

Resident Evil Village Urias Strajer

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Oh did you think the Urias fight was over? Unfortunately, there are two. The Urias Strajer is the Urias' older brother, both pre and post Lycan transformation. The difference here is that, as the guardian of the Megamycete parasite, he's a lot bigger, a lot stronger, and a lot more terrifying. He's too much even for Ethan to handle, so you'll be fighting him as Chris Redfield.

You can unload as many bullets into him as you want — shooting him in the back where the tentacles are does stun him — but you need to use the Target Locator in your inventory to signal to your squad where to drop support fire. Doing this three times on standard difficulty will defeat him.


Resident Evil Village Sturm

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

If you thought the Soldat soldiers couldn't have any more armor, you thought incorrectly. The Sturm is the ultimate Heisenberg creation, a heavy armored mutant with a giant propeller made of chainsaws on the front of his hulking body, which it can use to blast through walls. Unfortunately, those propellers are so large that it cut off his arms.

Like with the other Soldat, you can knock pieces of armor off of him with your grenade launcher or shotgun. However, you need to attack the reactor directly, which is on its back. The easiest way to do this is to lure it into a charge attack and move out of the way so it gets stuck in a wall. Then, unload whichever weapon you have into the reactor while it's stuck. Do this a few times, and you'll destroy him for good.

The Lords

Resident Evil Village Lords

Source: Capcom (Image credit: Source: Capcom)

While there is a major boss that is behind all the goings on in Resident Evil Village, you have to deal with her underlings first. These are the four Lords and represent four powerful families in and around town. You'll have to take each of them on to find your daughter Rose and face Mother Miranda. What we enjoyed most is that each of them are completely unique enemies from one another, and all harken back to a past Resident Evil enemy type or something wholly new.

Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu Figure

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

We, of course, have to start with the Tall Vampire Lady herself. Lady Alcina Dimitrescu quickly gained the attention of the internet in her reveal thanks to her towering height (she stands at around 9 feet 6 inches tall), striking white look, and thirst for Ethan's blood.

She functions like Mr. X from the Resident Evil 2 remake in that she's an unkillable force that stalks you around Castle Dimitrescu. When she finds you, she'll use her long reach and retractable claws to get at you. Like with previous bosses, she uses her size to her advantage, but you can also use it to her detriment. When she's ducking into a room, use that opportunity to run.

Despite her arguably being the breakout star of the game, she's not its big boss. She reports to Mother Miranda. Even so, when you unlock her final form, the real battle begins.

Donna Beneviento and Angie

Resident Evil Village Donna Beneviento Angie

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Director Morimasa Sato told IGN that U.S. Capcom employees were most terrified of Donna Beneviento's design, and if you have an aversion to puppets, you might agree. Beneviento is a mysterious figure shrouded in all black with a veil and operates a puppet named Angie, who is wearing a dirty wedding dress.

However, when you first meet Donna Beneviento, it might seem like Angie is in charge. She's the first one you see when you wake up in the Lords' meeting. She's very enthusiastic while Donna is not.

House Beneviento is located on the outskirts of the village and rarely receives visitors. It's become overtaken by dolls that Donna has created and imbued with the power of the parasite, so they come alive. You find out later that while she took the parasite in herself, just like all the other Lords, she split the power among her many dolls, with Angie being the leader.

Salvatore Moreau

Resident Evil Village Moreau

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Moreau is as grotesque as Lady Dimitrescu is striking. His design is reminiscent of mermen, although it's tough to see what he fully looks like thanks to a large cloak he wears. The only parts of him that are visible are his large lower face, his feet, and hands. He also wears what looks like a small crown made of bones. However, take off the cloak and you'll see a pulsating mass with eyes coming out of the back of his head. That's his brain, which has grown and mutated thanks to exposure to the Cadou parasite.

Moreau lives in a reservoir near a deserted fishing village where rumors of a giant fish monster are rampant. They, unfortuantely, turn out to be true, although Moreau and the fish aren't separate creatures — they're one and the same. He's the Lord with the least affinity with the Cadou parasite, and is therefore the most mutated. He says that the other Lords look down upon him, and as such, he's lonely.

You'll face a completely mutated Moreau at the end of the area, and it'll require a lot of weaponry. However, plant mines all over the area and you'll do quite a deal of damage as it stalks you.

Karl Heisenberg

Resident Evil Village Heisenberg Figure

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Heisenberg was seen in multiple trailers before he was properly introduced. He has a unique look that looks sort of out of place in a rural Eastern European village thanks to his wide-brimmed hat, long hair, sunglasses, and large coat. He carries around a giant hammer and a cigar. He holes up in Heisenberg's Factory, which is on the outskirts of town and is more technologically advanced than what you see in both the village and in the other Lords' areas.

He's the youngest of the four Lords, which seems to create a lot of insecurity. Lady Dimitrescu, specifically, shows she doesn't respect him. He has the most affinity with the Cadou parasite and can control all forms of metal. However, he hates what Mother Miranda has done, putting hiim under her control, and seeks Rose as a weapon to take control back.

You'll need to make your way through his factory of horrors to fight him. In his final form, just remember that you need to aim for the reactors.

Mother Miranda

Resident Evil Village Mother Miranda

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

The Lords might be distinct and varying degrees of frightening, but they're not the Big Bad of the game. The Lords seem to report to Mother Miranda, who's the most mysterious figure of all. From portraits we've seen throughout trailers and in press materials, we can assume she's seen as some sort of deity. According to Capcom, she is "a presence worshipped by the villagers," but it's unclear how literal that is. We do know that she has some influence over the Lords, as Lady Dimitrescu is seen in a trailer speaking with her on the phone and reporting to her. She'll likely be the final boss, if previous Resident Evil games are anything to go by.

More mysteriously is the inclusion of the Umbrella logo in certain plaques around the village and in the castle. She likely has some ties to the evil corporation, but in what way?

Other enemies

The Baby

Resident Evil Village Baby

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

We apologize for putting this image in your mind once again (or for the first time, and in that case, we're very sorry). The Baby is a giant, giggling creature that attacks you in Donna Beneviento's doll workshop. It's made from the Mia doll that you have to take apart to escape and it'll chase you as if you're it's dad.

However, you can't let this baby get you. Without any guns, you can't fight it either. You need to run away, otherwise it'll take you into its gaping maw and swallow you whole. The only way to defeat it is to unlock the elevator and escape. We recommend taking the layout of the doll workshop to memory at any opportunity so you know where to go.

Your thoughts

Which new enemy is your favorite? Do you have any tips for defeating these formidable foes? Sound off in the comments below.

Resident Evil Village is set to release on May 7 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Stadia. If you want to really experience horror, you'll want a good pair of headphones or a headset, so check out the best Xbox Series X, Series S headsets.

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