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Resident Evil Village Mannequin
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Resident Evil Village Scenery

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House Beneviento is one of the most unique locations in Resident Evil Village, possibly in the entire Resident Evil franchise. Unlike most of the game, in these nightmarish halls, you're stripped of all your weapons and forced to battle with your wits. For players looking to make their time in this house of horrors as short as possible, here are the solutions for all the major puzzles in House Beneviento.

Door Lock Combination

Resident Evil Village Door Lock

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After attempting to snatch a piece of Rose from the clutches of the creepy Donna doll in the lower levels of House Beneviento, the lights will go out and you will lose access to all items in your inventory. On an operating table in the center of this room, you'll find a disturbing mannequin with the likeness of Mia. You'll also notice that the door you entered from now has a lock requiring a six-digit combination. To crack this code, you'll need to investigate the mannequin on the operating table thoroughly.

Resident Evil Village Wedding Band

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Examine the left hand of the mannequin. You'll notice a small wedding band covered in blood. Remove this item and make your way to the opposite side of wooden Mia. Examine the right upper-arm of the mannequin to discover a hidden compartment housing a small silver key. Grab this key and make your way to the door in the room with markings identical to those on this key. In this room, you'll find a small medical sink, which can be used to wash the blood from the wedding ring. Engraved on the inside of this ring will be 05-29-11. This is the combination for the lock on the double doors.

Music Box Solution

Resident Evil Village Music Box

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Once you've successfully unlocked the double doors, make your way back out into the halls of House Beneviento. You'll likely notice one of the doors in the main hall creep open as you're walking by. Enter this room to find a small music box with a bride and groom sitting upon a table. To access this puzzle, you'll need to re-examine the Mia mannequin for a specific item. Inside the left knee of the mannequin, you'll find a small winding key.

Resident Evil Village Music Box Solution

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Take this item to the music box to reveal its unique puzzle. You'll encounter a series of moveable slices of musical wheels. To solve this puzzle, you'll need to line up these slices in the proper order before turning the winding key. Pay attention to the markings on the far edges of the music box. These provide clues as to the proper layout of each piece. But to make things easier on you, the picture above is the solution. Grab the tweezers from inside and move on to the next puzzle.

Film Projector Puzzle

Resident Evil Village Film Projector

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After obtaining the tweezers from the music, make your way back to the Mia mannequin and examine the mouth. Inside, you'll notice a strip of film, which you can obtain by using the tweezers. Take this piece of film to the study at the end of the hall closest to the elevator. You'll find an old film projector and a note on the table with the proper order for each of these film strips in this room. Place the piece of film you took from the mannequin's mouth and arrange them in this order.

  1. Monkey Doll
  2. Village of Shadows Book
  3. Baby Rose
  4. Music Box
  5. Wedding Ring on Hand

Resident Evil Village Film Puzzle

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Playing the project with the film pieces in this order will open up a secret passageway behind a bookshelf in this room. Make your way inside and grab the pair of scissors held by one of the many disturbing dolls in this crawlspace. Use these scissors to cut through the fabric blocking your exit and make your way back to the Mia mannequin.

Medallion Door

Resident Evil Village Brass Medallion

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Once back at the mannequin, use your newly acquired scissors to cut through the bandages on the mannequin's chest. This will reveal a circular opening with a brass medallion inside. Collect this item and then examine the right elbow of the mannequin to reveal an additional medallion with three closed eyes on it. Finally, examine the mannequin's eye to reveal a symbol of a crew with its wings outstretched. Pay close attention to the positioning of the crow's wings.

Reisdent Evil Village Medallion Door

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From the mannequin, make your way down the small left hallway from this operating room until you reach a door with medallions on it. Place the brass medallion you collected from the mannequin in the biggest hole and use the clues we found from the eye and right elbow to rotate the other two medallions to their proper positions. As a reminder, these are the three closed eyes and the crow facing to the right with its wings outstretched.

Hide and Seek with Donna

Resident Evil Village Donna

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After experiencing what is easily the most horrifying encounter of the entire game, you'll eventually make your way back up the elevator to the main area of House Beneviento. Here you'll need to play a twisted game of Hide and Seek with ever-terrifying Donna. This serves as the grand finale to this haunted house detour in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village House Beneviento

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To complete this puzzle, you'll need to find and stab Donna three separate times. Her first location is always upstairs in the bedroom to the right. Unfortunately, the other two hiding spots are randomized for each playthrough. The easiest way to track her position for the second and third locations is to use headphones and listen for her distinctive laughter, which will be a dead giveaway. Stab this monstrous doll three times to end the nightmare and collect the piece of Rose.

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