Review: iGrip Universal Fit Flexible Mount

If you are anything like me, you are either addicted to your Windows Phone or you’re in denial about it. A side effect of this addiction is that you don’t want to put your phone down any more than you have to, which can sometimes lead to problems. One example would be the fact that using your phone while driving can be dangerous and even illegal. There are however some legitimate reasons to have your phone where you can see it while driving. Being able to see the caller id when a call comes in or using traffic or navigation software are both valid uses of your cell phone while driving. To be able to accomplish this safely you really should have a mount, such as the Universal Fit Flexible Mount from iGrip.

We’ve reviewed iGrip products here before. I use their Sturdy Swivel Mount and have loved it ever since I got it. The Flexible Mount gives you some additional options for use. For one thing it holds the phone farther away from the glass, making it more practical for vehicles with a deeper dashboard.

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There’s not much effort involved in the installation of the Flexible mount. Clean the surface, apply the suction cup, and bend the flexible neck to where it needs to be. I highly recommend you check your local laws to learn about what you can and cannot do in regards to placement. Always make sure that your phone or the mount doesn’t obstruct your view in any way while driving.


The Universal Mount offers you flexibility in the position and angle that you want your phone mounted. This does come at a slight cost however. Because the flexible neck is so long, there can be some motion while driving, especially on rough roads. How much motion depends on a number of things, including the weight of your phone. If your device is huge, you may be wanting to get your tires balanced in a hurry.


Comparing this mount to the Sturdy mount is pretty much a toss-up. If you are looking for flexibility in the way your device is mounted then I would recommend you go with the Flexible mount. If you really just need something sturdy, go with the Sturdy mount. I know that doesn’t sound very helpful, but that’s what it comes down to.

iGrip’s Universal Fit Flexible Mount is available from the WMExperts Store for $19.95.

George Ponder

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