Review - Incipio DualPro Hard Shell Case with Silicone Core for Nokia Lumia 920

Few names are as well-known in the cellphone case world as Incipio’s. They manufacture various types of cases for an incredibly wide range of devices. Today, we will be looking at the DualPro Hard Shell Case with Silicone Core for the Nokia Lumia 920, which retails for $29.99 right here in the Windows Phone Central Store.

As the name implies, the DualPro combines the full coverage of a shock-absorbing silicone jacket with a hard outer shell. The combination offers pretty comprehensive protection against scratches, bumps and drops. It has cutouts for the cameras and jacks, but completely covers the side buttons.

From an aesthetic perspective, most of the DualPro cases give your device a two-tone appearance, save the classic black on black. The hard shell comes in either black or dark gray and gets paired with a hot pink, yellow or light grey silicone sleeve.

The bright yellow offers small bit of colorful flare through the grey cover without making your phone look like a big plastic toy. Unfortunately, the color combinations are predetermined by the manufacturer, so you can only mix and match if you purchase multiple cases.

The double-layer case does add a little bit of bulk to an already beefy Lumia 920. However, it isn’t so much that it feels very different in the pocket than a regular hardback shell. Nor does it add any discomfort in the hand. On the contrary, it’s pretty comfortable to hold.

The biggest surprise to me was using the side buttons that are covered by the silicone. Unlike many cases that I have used with button covers, which often make using the side buttons more clumsy, the DualPro actually makes using the volume rocker and side buttons much easier to use.

At the end of the day, the Incipio DualPro is a solid case. It offers a lot of protection without hampering usage. I personally prefer something more basic in a sleek design, like a hard, snap-on back plate with corner covers. But I spend much of my time in office environments and at home, and switch to a protective armband or bike mount when active.

However, with its shock absorbing silicone and strong acrylic shell, the DualPro is perfect if you travel a lot, work outside, or are fairly active while using your phone.

Seth Brodeur
  • Need one for the 1020.
  • And 1520
  • Lol make your 1520 even bigger?!?!?!?!
  • I already smashed one 1520 screen, so a case is not optional for me.
  • ...and 928.
  • +1
  • I have the exact color combo in the review for the past 6 months and absolutely love it! It takes a beating and best of all the yellow still looks new; unlike my Cyan Nokia cover which discolored after a month. Go over to Amazon for the cheapest pricing.
  • I loved this cover for my 920! I have the same color case and everything.
  • Yep I love this case, my Lumia doesn't leave my apartment without it.
  • I love this for my 920, but you can find them real cheap used on ebay.
  • When taking a picture does the flash reflect off the case?
  • Nope pictures work fine
  • Been using this case for over a year now great case! Although the rubber by the charging port is starting to stretch..
  • How can I get one??, I'm from meddle east (Saudi Arabia).
  • Does Amazon ship to you? I could mail one to you if you like.
  • Thanks
  • can i wireless charge w/ the cover on?
  • Yes works fine
  • This was my first case for my L920, and I've had it for over a year. The case still looks good as new. It adds some bulk and it makes pockets puke sometimes when pulling it out, but it is high quality.
  • It's a great case for the 920.  I picked up a black one for my yellow 920 a few months ago for less than $20 on Amazon.  I hardly ever use it unless I'm going to be out doing things that are prone to dropping the phone.  Very good protection in this case though.
  • Agreed I don't leave this one all the time but if I'm doing something that is a bit more physical or risky I'll put this one on.
  • I like going commando ;)
  • Eww.. cases
  • How are you not a constant nervous wreck?
  • its a NOKIA !! ;)
  • Still need one for the 1020. Why doesn't someone make a QI charging case?
  • HI, I don’t have a case on my 920, it’s too nice to hide and would be too big for my pocket. My previous phone was HP VEER. :) I use my 920 with RAM universal-Grip on my motorcycle. I did not have any issue yet. I’ll feel more comfortable if the 920 was in a case and the case tie to the motorcycle.  Any suggestions for a case that include a strap or a case where I could add a strap?  Thank you
  • Need red, same red as 920's.
  • I have this for my 920 for a while now. Its the best case I've owned. I've got the all black one though.
  • Does it fit a 925
  • Amazon not supported in middle east :(
  • But thank you for the reply
  • Makes it look like a kiddie toy phone lol