Review: Mobi Products Touch Screen Stylus Pen

We Windows Mobile faithful tend to be the butt of jokes every now and then due to the fact that our flavor of Smartphone isn’t as finger friendly as some of the competition. The truth is, the stylus is one of the most versatile and easy to use input methods available on a mobile platform. I’m not saying that a stylus is a must have piece of hardware, but it is a tried and true solution.

Mobi Products makes a number of accessories for Windows Mobile devices. Their Touch Screen Stylus Pen is a step up for those out there who are still stylus dependent.

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One complaint that I’ve always had about using a stylus is that the darn thing that comes with your phone is much too small to use comfortably. I’ve purchased my share of styli in the form factor of a pen and found those to be much more usable but inconvenient to keep with the phone. Mobi Products Stylus is around 5/8 the size of a typical pen, making it slightly more portable while still giving you a pointer that doesn’t cramp your hand.


Mobi Products went an interesting direction with this product. The tip of the stylus is made from a soft, rubbery material. The upside to this is that you aren’t going to damage your screen by accidentally pressing too hard. However, because the tip is rubbery, it doesn’t slide across the screen at all. There are pros and cons to this though. I found this stylus much easier to use for typing using an on-screen keyboard because the tip doesn’t slide from the letter you intend to press onto a different key. The down side obviously is that on an increasingly finger friendly platform, swipes and gestures are fairly difficult (if not impossible) to use. For those of you rocking an HD2, the Mobi Products Stylus functions just as well with capacitive touch screens as it does with resistive.


Honestly, this device is primarily beneficial for use in situations where a semi-precise touch is necessary. One scenario that I can think of where I would find this accessory immensely useful would be if you needed to use an on-screen keyboard in a taxi or on a train, somewhere that motion makes a standard stylus less appropriate.

If you want to give Mobi Products’ Touch Screen Stylus Pen a go, hit up the WMExperts store you’re your $19.95 in hand.

George Ponder

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