Review: Mr. Handsfree Family Charger

How many cell phones, Smartphones, and PDAs do you have in your house? We have at least 3 or 4 at any given time. They are always spread out in the house so that they can all be charging at the same time. How convenient would be be to have something that can hold all of your phones in one place while charging them at the same time? Mr Handsfree Family Charger is one of those simple ideas that can make life just that little bit easier.

Physical Build and Design

Mr Handsfree Family Charger is really well thought out. It has three holders that can fit anything from a small cell phone to a full sized Windows Mobile phone like the PPC-6600. If desired you can even flip the holders around so it can hold the phones if you wanted to hang the family charger on the wall. When sitting on a table, there is a plug behind each holder for the cell phone's charger to plug into. The cord then runs underneath the charger in a comparment with removable doors to hide and organize the cords. There is then a hole under the holders for the cord to stick out through in order to reach the phones to charge them. You then plug the family charger in the wall to give power to the phone's chargers plugged into the family charger. Just think of the Mr Handsfree Family Charger as a cell phone power strip that holds 3 cell phones. Here is what it looks like with three phones using it.

The base is solid. The holders slide off in order to change their orientation depending if the charger is sitting on a table or hanging on the wall. Even though the holders will never fall off under use, if bumped in a strong upward motion I could see how one might come off. In fact, this is my only design suggestion that I would make, to have some locking mechanism that would only allow the holder to be moved when pushed.

In order to adjust the size of the holder to fit your phone, you simply turn a dial on the back up to widen it and down to make it more narrow. I have found that it will not hold my PPC-6800 with the extended battery with the front of the phone facing out, but I can easily fit it with the front facing in and the extended battery sticking out.

Everyday Use

With so many phones, chargers, and cords, I have actually come to appreciate the Mr Handsfree Family Charger. I use it in my front entry way. No longer are we running around the house asking "Do you remember where I was charging my phone last?" If you want a central place to charge and organize your cell phones this is no brainer solution.

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Ratings (4 out of 5)Overall: ProsThoughtfully designed and layed outCan be used on a table or hung on the wallOrganizes the chargers and cords for up to 3 cell phonesAdjustable size for each holder to fit anything from a small cell phone to a large PDAConsShould have a better locking design for the holders
WC Staff