Nyko Modular Charge Station for the Xbox One review

If you use any gaming console how you manage your controllers is a rather important part of the equation. Sure, you can toss in some batteries and hope they last long enough. You could also use rechargeable batteries that you need to pop out on occasion.

However, the easiest (read: laziest) way is to use a charging station for the controller itself.

We reviewed the Energizer 2X Charging System a few months back so today we are looking at Nyko's solution with their Modular Charge Station.

Energizer 2X Charging System for Xbox One makes sure your controllers never run out of battery

What it does

The Nyko Modular Charge Station ships with the charging base and two 1000 mAh batteries and covers for your Xbox One controllers. Nyko claims the batteries can last up to 25 hours, which is likely on the high side. I'd peg usability at 15 hours for casual users and less for hardcore gamers.

The station attaches to the top of the Xbox One console via suction cups. This setup ensures that the station does not slide around your TV stand and frankly, it makes the top of your Xbox One more useful.

Interestingly, the Nyko Modular Charge Station does not use an AC wall adapter for power. Instead, it uses one of your Xbox One's USB ports on the back. The USB cord is rather short, which is good since it can connect to that USB port without much slack. However, this also limited the Nyko Modular Charge Station's placement.

The front of the Nyko Modular Charge Station features two light-up charging indicators on the front (along with the Nyko logo). Whereas the Energize had a cool green glow, the Nyko is much more passive looking. In fact, the charging light indicator almost looks like an e-Ink system making it quite unique. Although the green ambient light of the Energize is neat the Nyko method is much more subtle, and I prefer it. It's a cool effect. The charging indicators also turn off when the controllers are re-charged.


The Nyko Modular Charge Station runs for $21.99 on Amazon.com coming for just a few dollars cheaper than Energizer's solution.

Why I like it

I own both the Energizer and the Nyko systems, and I like Nyko's better for a few reasons:

  1. I like the mounting solution, which uses tuck away suction cups with switches (no wetting involved). Nyko's station won't slide around when you drop a controller in it, and it saves space.
  2. Although USB charging may be slower than a wall AC connection, I prefer not having to run yet another cable with wires. Plugging into the Xbox One is just cleaner.
  3. The Nyko Modular Charge Station is more sturdy and looks better. The Energizer system is a bit more flimsy.
  4. Nyko is cheaper. Sure, it is only $3 cheaper, but still, if you are getting all that I mention above, and it clocks in at a few dollars savings, that is a good thing.

Any downsides?

Like all recharge stations – Energizer included – you need to make sure the battery contacts are connected. Since the Nyko is fixed on the Xbox One, you can be rougher with it when tossing a controller in but you still need to make sure it has made contact.

Some people may also prefer a wall AC charging system for speed or the ambient green glow of the Energizer system.

One review claims the batteries don't last long enough for gaming, so your mileage may vary.

The charging station only comes in black, where I would have preferred a white setup for our white Xbox One.

Conclusion and Where to buy

For folks who don't spend more than 5 to 8 hours of straight gaming but who do pick up their controllers often, I think the Nyko Modular Charge Station is a great choice. It's affordable and makes your Xbox One setup look sharp. I prefer the USB charging setup as there are just fewer wires to run, and it was super simple to setup.

You can pick up the Nyko Modular Charge Station from Amazon.com and likely other gaming retail locations.

Nyko Modular Charge Station (Black) - Xbox One $21.99 (opens in new tab)

Do you have a preferred Xbox One charger for your controllers? Let us know in comments and maybe we'll review it next!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • For those asking...that first controller is the Titanfall limited edition controller ;) Now that's out the way, I may pick up this charger for home too as I just like the look better than the Energizer one. Although, the cool red/green lights of the Energizer go nice with my Philips Hue...
  • You've got Hue too? Love mine. Got four overhead GU10 spots, and a desktop thingy (the name of which I forget) that sits right behind my TV. I read something about support for Hue coming to some Xbox One games in the future, have you heard anything on that front? p.s. I prefer the energizer charging unit myself, love the glowy clear plastic. I find the Nyko a bit dull and bland looking. Each to his own :)
  • There is already an Xbox One game named Chariot that interacts with Hue.
  • Will this work with the new Xbox One Elite controller?  Won't the paddles get in the way?
  • Probably? Hard to know for certain, but my bet is the paddles would interfere. Likely a problem for a lot of these types of chargers. We'll find out though.
  • The paddles are removable so no problem here
  • Should I be so lucky to own an elite I wouldn't want to have to remove them just to charge.
  • I feel like the most elegant solution for the elite controller would be a play and charge kit. Just plugs on so no worries about the paddles, and you wouldn't have to switch controllers during a session if you need to charge it.
  • Yep that paired with one of these stands https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F%2Fclick.linksynergy.co...
  • Looks good on top, I have the energizer one and it works & looks great.
  • I have the Nyko.  It definitely lasts nowhere near 25hrs of gameplay (playing ESO mostly) but it does work well. My only complaint is that it isnt easy to charge a spare battery pack if it isnt in an actual controller.  It can be done, but you have to set the pack just right and it can slip off easily.
  • Since I keep my controller on the opposite side of the room from the console, I guess I'll stick with the rechargeable AA's I currently use.
  • I'm in the same boat. My controllers are on an end table by my couch. I got a charging station, might be Nyko, very similar to what is pictured, but it just plugs into the wall instead of the xbox. Awesome way to do it.
  • I tried Both the original nyko charge station and energizer ac charge stations and both failed to fill the batteries full I'm usually left with half the battery full
  • I agree and would prefer to invest in the Xbox brand lithium battery pack. What happens when these cheap batteries in these charging stations go off? I bet it wont take long...
  • I prefer charge&play wired charger.
  • I just plug mine in and use it wired, all this wireless stuff still sucks, the batteries need to last a month for me to want to use it. 
  • ...unless you have a big TV in a big living room, I guess wired is okay.
  • lol
  • I use a 5 meter micro(?)USB wire. If a longer one is available I see no problem with a big living room. :)
  • So you didn't play games before the 360/PS3? You have a wire going across the room, it isn't a problem.
  • The problem with Nyko is the batteries are only 500mah.
    I currently have the Nyko Mini station that plugs into the side of the xbone, its good but the capacity is a massive issue
  • Two sets of rechargeable AA batteries works just fine with me
  • I like placement of this model and that it plugs into the Xbox. I have an different version of theirs. The XB1 version doesn't make contact as good as the 360 version, but it works and I'm happy with it.
  • Xbone controller asiimov factory new?
  • Dan you watch tv lol
  • Just curious. I have the energizer one and after minor use the charging station is super touchy and only works if put exactly right. I used to work better. My question is this, can the energizer battery packs charge on the Nyko station?
  • there is also one more drawback I see....it takes a USB port off the Xbox. It may not be much for many but for some it will be a dealbreaker.
  • Wish they'd bring back airflo controllers
  • I used to use the Energizer one, but went Wired because I thought those batteries were making my controller heavier. I guess, Its either I go to the Gym and strengthen my arms/wrist or go Wired. :D
  • This will come in handy, Since now I'm doing heavy gaming broadcasting on Twitch daily from 4-9pm. WILDWEST310
  • I bought the OEM play n charge kit, and it doesn't last nowhere near the 360's OEM play n charge. Is it normal or did I got a defective set? The non OEM ones ALWAYS last less in every way, in longevity and play time.
  • Get a four pack of AA batteries that are rechargeable and your problem is solved. No cables, no contact points to worry about going bad. You have one set charged so when this set dies you can just swap out.
  • I'll stick with my solution: Dedicated phone charger plugged in by the couch. No cables running across the floor and no getting up during play sessions. My specific charger is the Lumia 635 charger. Pushes enough juice to run the controller, Xbone stereo headset, AND charge it so I can unplug after a little while. Everything stays by the couch all the time. Very happy with the results.
  • You sir are an evil genius
  • For me, space is enough of an issue (200 sq. ft. apt.) that being able to stack the controllers in the Energizer one is the only way it will work here. I do agree that is very prone to tipping over and sliding around - those non-wet suction cups would be nice, but there's always Velcro!
  • Will an Elite Controller be able to fit? Microsoft made a charging station just for it, so I wanted to make sure.