Review: Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for AT&T Fuze

Seidio historically is a strong player in the world of third-party accessories for Windows phones. One of the accessories that Seidio offers for several models is a spring clip holster. But each holster has to be perfectly molded and fitted to a specific phone. If it gets anything wrong, the result will more than likely be your phone falling out of the holster and hitting the sidewalk – a heartbreaking scenario to which I can relate. 

With this is mind, we here at WMExperts have been very happy with Seidio's spring clip holsters in the past. But did they pull through with the same level of success with the AT&T Fuze?  Come on in and check out our full review to find out.

Physical build and design

The Seidio holster for the AT&T Fuze gives a good first impression of a solid build.  The spring clip firmly secures the phone in place but remains easy to lift. 

But if you're wearing it horizontally on your belt, make sure the spring clip is facing the front. If it is facing towards the rear, it's possible that you could bump the spring arm and release the phone. This is not a defect in the holster at all, simply a best practice when using any spring clip holster. If the clip is facing the front and you bump into something while walking, it will only push the clip more firmly on the phone, which is a good thing.

When you insert the phone in the case, you want to do it screen down to protect it from scratches and impacts. For this very reason the Seidio holster has a soft, velvet-like texture to ensure that the holster will protect the screen and not scratch it.

The clip can be rotated to seven positions. You can wear it horizontally, which is my personal favorite, vertically, or at an angle, which is handy if you are attaching it to a strap of a purse, backpack, or carry-on bag. The clip locks in any position and has no chance of rotating on its own.

The clip itself has a strong arm and a strong spring.  The lip at the bottom of the arm has a fish-hook shape that adds that little extra support when clipping on a belt or strap.

Ease of use, summary

Seidio has a done a perfect job in ensuring the perfect fit for the phone. Along with that, this holster has the perfect balance of spring strength in both the arm that secures the phone as well as in the belt clip. 

It is extremely easy to place and remove the phone from the holster. I also do not have any fear of my phone falling out of the holster once secured there. As with any holster, just make sure that if you have a shirt or light jacket that hangs over your belt, that it does not get caught while trying to place the phone in the holster.

I would personally recommend this holster to anyone who owns an AT&T Fuze.

Note: For the AT&T Fuze only

Please note that this is for the AT&T Fuze only.  It will not work with the Sprint Touch Pro. If you are interested in that, you will need to order the Seidio spring clip holster specifically for the Touch Pro. Here is a picture showing how the arm of the Fuze holster cannot properly secure the Touch Pro.

Dieter Bohn