Review: SPE Snap-on and Click for the Samsung Jack

The Samsung Jack is still relatively new and slowly but surely, case options are showing up. We've taken a look at the Samsung Horizontal Case for the Jack and now we'll turn our sites on two Smartphone Experts shell-styled cases, the Snap-on and the Click. These two cases are hard shells with one sliding on to your Samsung Jack for protection and the other a two piece hard shell that encases the Jack.

Follow the break to see what type of impression these two hard shell cases left with us.

 SPE Snap-on Case

The Smartphone Experts Snap-on Case ($12.95) for the Samsung Jack consists of two hard plastic pieces that encase the Jack. The case comes in clear plastic as well as black, blue, and red colored plastic. A plastic belt clip comes with the shell just in case you want to add a belt carrying option.

The plastic appears sturdy enough but has that high-gloss, fingerprint magnet finish to it. The front and back pieces snap together with an affirmative click (not to be confused with the other case in this review). It takes a little effort to remove the case but assembled, the case holds together tight and secure.

Cut outs in the plastic expose the side buttons, speaker, rear camera, LED light, earpiece and speaker. The cutouts are spacious enough to give you unobstructed access to the side buttons. The belt clip is the two part style where a post screws into the back of the Snap-on and slides down into the belt clip. The Samsung Jack rides face out with this carry method and while the Snap-on protects the sides and back of the phone really well, it offers no protection for the face of the phone.

While I think this case would be a good option for those who prefer to carry their phone in a purse, pocket or backpack/briefcase it leaves the screen and keyboard too exposed for my tastes.

On the plus side of things, the case adds very little thickness to the Samsung Jack that it may still be possible to carry the phone in a belt case such as the SPE Side Pouch Case.

Overall: 3/5

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ProsGood Level of Protect to the body of the phoneAssembles firmly and two sections hold together nicelyCut outs spacious enough not to hinder button manipulationConsNo front protectionBelt clip uselessFingerprint magnet

SPE Click Case

Similar to the Snap-on, the Click ($14.95) is a one-piece, hard shell case that slides onto the Samsung Jack. I'm a little confused on the names of these cases. The Snap-on "clicks" together and the Click "slides" into place in a "snap."

The hard plastic case comes in a rainbow of colors including black, red, silver, pink, purple, and blue. Installation is a piece of cake in that you simple slide the Snap (get's a little confusing) onto the Samsung Jack. Cut outs are in place to expose the side buttons, charge/sync/headphone port, speaker and camera. The only drawback to the Snap's fit is that the lip of the case sits a little high at the top creating a ridge that takes a little getting used to.

Once in place, the Click fits snug but not too snug where removal is a challenge. The black case I tested had a matte finish that didn't attract fingerprints as bad as the Snap-on's glossy finish did.

Speaking of the Snap-on, the Click also protects the side and backing of the Samsung Jack really well but leaves the face of the phone exposed. The Click doesn't come with a belt clip so pocket, purse, backpack/brief case carry is where this hard shell case is best suited.

The Click adds very little thickness to the Samsung Jack and just like the Snap-on, it fits nicely into a belt case such as the Body Glove Side Case. Matter of fact it actually makes the Samsung Jack fit better in this case.

Overall: 3.5/5

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ProsGood Level of Protect to the body of the phoneInstalls in a snapSpacious cut outs for side buttonsConsNo front protection

The Snap-on and Click are very similar in purpose (hard shell cases) separated almost solely by design. Both are economical cases but between the two, I give the edge to the Click. The one piece design is easier to install and remove plus the finish is less of a grease/fingerprint magnet. The biggest weakness with both cases is that the front of the phone has no protection. I'll stick with the traditional leather belt case but if you're cup of tea is a hard shell, the Click would be the one to consider.

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