Review - Targus Folio Wrap Case for Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Depending on who you are and how you use your Surface Pro 3, the type of case you buy, if any, will vary. Laborers may want a tough case, home users may not use one, and students or business professionals may be looking for carrying their Surface in hand or a bag/briefcase.

For this last group, or anyone else who totes their device around, the Targus Folio wrap case for the Surface Pro 3 may be an item of interest.

The Targus Folio is made up of two parts, a molded plastic tray, and a wraparound folio cover, melded into one cohesive unit. The plastic tray snaps onto the back and sides of Surface Pro 3 to form a protective barrier over the body of the device. The sides and corners are well-guarded against drops while still leaving plenty of cutouts for buttons, ports, and for ventilation.

The folio cover flips around the front of the Surface, providing coverage for the display, and closes with a magnetic flap. It also doubles as an adjustable stand, since the plastic shell renders the Surface kickstand unusable.


Targus' Folio is, overall, well-designed, taking into consideration the versatility of the Surface Pro 3. Although you cannot use the built-in kickstand with this case equipped, the Folio acts a stand of its own, offering up the same infinite angles that the Surface does.

Unlike some other cases, it also completely accommodates the use of a Type Cover. The keyboard closes over the device's display the same way it would without a case. The folio also works when using the Surface in tablet mode, with or without a Type Cover. It still flips back around to the back of the tablet unhampered, as if there was no cover on it.

There's no dedicated holder for the Surface Pen, but it can be safely and conveniently tucked in the magnetic flap that keeps the Folio case closed without getting in the way.

The thing I like about the Targus Folio is how unintrusive it is. Often, protective covers can be bulky or get in the way. However, this case is thin and lightweight. And it works in conjunction with the Surface Pro 3's design, so you barely know it's there.

It is a clever mix of form and function. The black plastic shell shields the body of the device while the stain-free wrap cover helps defend your screen or Type Cover. All the while the classic black exterior and gray interior give it an unassuming professional look.


In my opinion, there are two main reasons why someone would want to use a folio case on a Surface. The first would be to protect the screen when not using a Type Cover. If you are using one, then the Targus Folio only protects the back of your keyboard.

The second, and most practical, reason for a folio would be to carry other things with you. For instance a pad, pen, or business cards, to a meeting, etc. To me, this is the only area where the Folio falls short.

There are no pockets or places for writing implements. I suppose you could throw a small pad of paper between the cover and your Surface, but it is more of a workaround. You are just as well served carrying a pad with you in the same hand without trying to fit it in the case.

But at the end of the day, if the worst thing you can say about a case is that it isn't good at holding stuff it wasn't made to hold, then it's a pretty darn good product.

I would say it is ideal for Surface owners who do not use a Type Cover, but still a good pick, albeit slightly redundant, for those who do.

The Targus folio wrap is economical and effective. You can find it in the Windows Central Store{.nofollow} for $39.95, saving you about $10.00 off the retail price.

  • Pretty slick.
  • I understand the need to protect but one of the reasons I feel people buy the surface is for the kickstand...why make that unusable?
  • Agreed. This looks like a very nice case, but why not design it around the existing feature.
  • IMO, type cover is the natural ... cover. I don't think back of Surface need that much protection because of its make.
  • Was going to buy it but the windows central store says designed for Surface 3 not Surface Pro 3.
  • I can assure you this is for the Surface Pro 3.
  • I actually own this and I've had it for 3 months now. I use it on my surface pro 3 and it fits perfectly. It's great for when working in any construction site to keep the surface protected.
  • Surface pro 3 case coming out weeks before the potential announcement of the Surface pro 4.   Case coming out the day after the new Surface 3 ships, but obviously it's not compatible.    Late to the party much?
  • I mean, you act like everyone who has a Surface Pro 3 suddenly has no need for a new case, or is uninterested. You also assume that a Surface Pro 4 is going to be so advanced, that everyone will want one and Surface Pro 3s will no longer be on sale. (We are also at least 2.5 months from a SP4 announcement, and likely 3-4 before sales). Is the appropriate reaction to a manufacturer producing quality accessories for the Surface Pro 3 ridicule? Sounds lame. Not sure who's side you are on, but it certainly is not the consumers. Downvote.
  • Wow! Big reaction to an ironic observation. Generally speaking, releasing accessories near a products EOL isn't considered market savvy. Yes, there is still a market. Yes people will purchase this for current or new-used surfaces they pick up.  However, accessory sales for a product trend very closely to sales of the actual product, but are front loaded. People are inclined to buy accessories as they’re buying the toy itself or shortly after. That means the best time to release an accessory is simultaneous to that products release, or as soon as possible afterword.    But, since I have your attention I'd like to ask a question. In the initial launch event for the Surface Microsoft did the boldest thing I'd seen at any product launch ever.  They held a Surface tablet up at shoulder height and dropped it on the floor.  No damamge, no hiccups, it continued to run perfectly.  Had that resulted in a cracked screen, the move could have cost tens of millions (or more) in ultimate revenue.   It was a gutsy move that I've always admired. So, as you're defending cases, do you consider the build quality of the current Surface Pro or Surface 3 as good as that unit dropped on the floor?    
  • I can get all sorts of new stuff for an iPad they stopped making ages ago, so that blows your logic there
  • Whoa, someone alert MS PR. They are a bit late with the Surface Pro 3 is nearing EOL press release. Deep discounts should just around the corner, woohoo.
  • I bought this Targus cover months ago (Belgium) when I bought the Surface pro 3. I don't know if it was just released back then but it's been around for a while now... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • SP4 will have the same form factor and body as SP3.  MS wants their dock to have at least two generations of compatibility.
  • As far as I'm aware this case was released in October 2014, so it's not "late to the party" at all (SP3 came out June 2014). This is a review of a case, not a release announcement. I bought my SP3 in January and I am still looking for a suitable case. I'm sure many people will buy the SP3 when it comes up to the tax time sales next month - so this is still a timely article for people like me.
  • Always in the market for Surface Pro 3 accessories especially cases, sleeves and bag so please keep reviews like this coming.
  • Reminds me of the FreedomCase. Good thing this is made by a bigger company though because FreedomCase has been out of stock on their stuff since last December (they got their launch from a successful Kickstarter campaign). I wonder if they're done for good... We know Targus isn't going anywhere though.
  • You lost me at kick stand unusable.
  • Yeah, that and no real place for the pen. It should be able to sit on the side in the standard pen holder (as recommended in the instructions) and still be protected by the case. I would be forever worried I'd lose my $50 pen with it just clipped on like it shows in the pic.
  • Meh, don't like any of these cases that render my Surface Pro kickstand unsable. There's no permanent case for my Surface Pro 2 (neither was there formy previous Laptop), just a sleeve and all is good so far after almost 2 years :D