Quick review – Terrapin Hybrid Rubberized case for the Nokia Lumia 925

Following our AT&T Nokia Lumia 925 review from earlier today, we figured we would toss up a quick review for a new case as well.

The Lumia 925, while an excellent phone, is almost too thin and light making it easy to drop. While a fall on a rug won’t have any ill effect, on a hard floor or some jagged concrete it could be devastating (hint: we speak from experience).

Don’t get us wrong, the Lumia 925 will still work, but the cosmetic damage may ruin the otherwise gorgeous design of this device—and you don’t want that, do you?

The Terrapin Hybrid Rubberized case runs a modest $6, and if you want something that offers decent surface protection, this is your case. It’s thin, protects the corners and it even has a slight lip to keep the display from touching when lying flat.

Corner protection: Check

It’s a hard shell case that is barely noticeable but it also has a nice, soft-touch rubberized coating that makes your device silky smooth. Heck, we think it makes the Lumia 925 feel even better in the hand.

Added lip around the camera helps protect the front lens element

While it won’t offer rugged protection, if you were to drop your Lumia 925 you would have at least some basic defense, especially for those highly exposed corners. Combined with the low price, how little bulk it adds to your phone and the soft-touch rubber, we have to say this is a winner.

Check out the video review above or the rest of the photos. The case can be found on eBay and Amazon.com for around $5.95.

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Buttons are slightly recessed but still easy to use

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