Rise of the Tomb Raider achievements detailed ahead of November 10 release

The next Lara Croft adventure, titled Rise of the Tomb Raider, isn't due to hit retail shelves until November 10, but Xbox's Major Nelson has revealed a slight sneak peek at what you can expect out of the game with the full list of achievements you'll be able to earn.

The achievement list of course runs the gamut of the normal challenges you'd expect in any good game. From getting a headshot on an enemy with an arrow from a distance beyond 25 meters, to achieving 100% game completion, the list shouldn't be too surprising. However, where things get interesting is a set of hidden achievements that may tip you off to a spoiler or two about the story.

We'll save you from spoiling your next tomb-raiding adventure here, but if you're curious to check out the whole list, you can hit up the source link below to give it a quick read.

Source: Major Nelson

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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