Just like Minecraft, there are lot of experiences on there from tense adventures to exploring towering cities. With over 64 million monthly active users, it's the leading program which features user-generated content. Today, the developers announced a significant new feature.

According to the press release Windows Central received, Roblox is about to allow seamless play on every device from "Xbox to mobile to PC to VR". The Xbox cross-play expansion will be enabled this week allowing users to play the same game across all devices, all at the same time.

This is the first time Xbox One players will be able to play with others. Until now, the console experience has been limited to Xbox One players playing with other Xbox One players. This drastically limited the number of individuals console gamers could interact with even though the developers say that Roblox has "millions of monthly users' on the console.   Just like Minecraft's Better Together Update, you can play Roblox with your friends on any device regardless of your platform. You can be on a smartphone and they can be on an Xbox One. It just works!

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Roblox became exclusively available on Xbox One in January 2016 for free, where it has frequently remained one of the top free games. If you look at any given time, there may be around 80,000 concurrent players on the platform alone. Expanding cross-play to Xbox One gives Roblox's 1.9 million creators an even wider audience. It looks like cross-play is definitely the way of the future.

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