ROBLOX Xbox One app launches with 15 community-built games, Windows 10 app in the works

ROBLOX, a service for self-publishing of videos games that's seen it's greatest success with kids, has just launched its official app for Microsoft's Xbox One console. The app comes with 15 free games made by members of the ROBLOX community.

ROBLOX currently has 15 million registered players, and anyone on the PC and Mac version of the app can create new games for the service. The Xbox One version is limited to just playing the games that have been selected by ROBLOX, but the company plans to eventually have all of the service's games available for owners of the console. The long-term goal is for players to publish their games straight to the Xbox One version.

While the app and the launch games are free to download and play, the app does support in-app purchases of ROBLOX's virtual currency. Gamers can us it to upgrade their avatar or to purchase in-game power-ups.

In a chat with iDigitalTimes, ROBLOX CEO David Baszucki confirmed they are also working with Microsoft "on a cool Windows 10 version" of the app.

Download ROBLOX for the Xbox One

Source: ROBLOX

John Callaham