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Robo & Bobo, a Windows Phone 8 puzzle game sneak peak

Robo & Bobo is a new Windows Phone 8 game that is just about clearing certification and should be live in the Windows Phone Store in the next few days. We've been playing with a beta version of the game and found Robo & Bobo to be a challenging, richly animated puzzle game for our Windows Phone 8 devices.

The story line has you playing the role of Robo, who is having his love for his teddy bear (that would be Bobo) tested by scientists. You have to program Robo's movements through series of mazes so he can be re-united with Bobo.  One wrong turn or one move too short and Robo will find himself in a bind.

The downside to all this is that as soon as Robo finds Bobo, the teddy bear is whisked away to the next puzzle.

Game controls are fairly straight forward. You have a series of moves along the bottom of the screen that you use to program Robo's movements through the maze. Just tap on a movement icon and drag it to the green movement bar. Each maze has a set number of moves available and some mazes allow you to group movements as a function that can be used repeatedly.  Some movements perform actions such as pushing buttons to trigger elevating or moving tiles.

Once you have all your moves programmed, just tap the Play Button at the top of the screen and watch Robo go. If Robo is successful, he'll have a brief second to give his bear a hug and then a control robot will swoop in and take Bobo to the next level.

There are forty-two levels that are progressively unlocked and re-playable. The levels start out fairly simple to let you learn your way around the controls and increase in difficulty as you advance through the ranks.

There were a few bugs present with the Beta version we had access to, mainly with screen sensitivity.  Nothing to the point to cause you to run screaming for the hills and it was a beta version where bugs are expected.  Everything should be ironed out in the release version.

Overall opinion... Robo & Bobo is an entertaining, challenging puzzle game for your Windows Phone 8 device. It causes you to think all your moves out from the outset and it's surprising how easy it is to mistake a left hand turn with a right. Robo & Bobo looks to be a promising addition to the Windows Phone gaming library.

Robo & Bobo will run $1.49 (not sure if there's a trial version) when it lands in the Windows Phone Store. We expect to see it live towards the end of the week and will keep you posted.

Update: Here's the Windows Phone Store link for Robo & Bobo (opens in new tab) or you can just scan the QR Code below.

QR: Robo & Bobo

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  • Ooh this does look fun lol. I will give it a go when its released
  • Nice game..... Good idea
  • I think you mean "sneak peek."
  • I thinc yoo meen "sneek peack."
  • I've found myself rooting for these games and apps just because they look like high quality releases.
  • These developers are made of some different ingredients than the rest of us. Awesome idea and really amazing puzzle.
  • Metro UI doesn't need to be followed in games, but this developer does it anyway and it fits with the robot theme so well. Can't wait to throw my money at this game. WinPhan proud
  • Colour me excited!
  • Sounds like Tinker, except for Tinker had to move continuously, no programming. Here the moves have to be pre-programmed. Is Tinker coming to Windows Phone?
  • Reminds me of Portal by Valve. Might pick it up when it becomes available.
  • Need more of this sort of title ... high end puzzler to sort out my journey to work and boredom on the job