ROCCAT brings RGB lighting to its Ryos MK FX gaming keyboard

ROCCAT, a popular gaming accessory manufacturer, has introduced its RGB-illuminated Ryos MK FX gaming keyboard. Featuring a fully customizable design, you can map the keys to the colors of your choice and change the effects to one that you prefer. The Ryos MK FX comes with two USB plugs in order to power the RGB lights and ensure perfect anti-ghosting performance.

Additionally, you are able to plug your headset right into the keyboard as it comes with a microphone and headphone jack built-in. You can grab ROCCAT products from the company's own site, as well as Amazon, depending on your region.

See at ROCCAT{.cta .shop}

Jared DiPane

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  • Damn it I was waiting for this one but they were giving no firm dates for release so went for the corsair k70 instead
  • Looks like a keyboard on LSD.
  • D
  • Can someone explain to me why they put buttons at the left of Tab???
    My friend has a Razer black widow
    And it's horrible for me to write...
  • Those are generally macro keys they put them there for games so when ur using wasd directional setup. u can assign key combos to the macro keys (like ctr+alt+1) to do things in games with the corresponding mappings.
  • Ty man.I was just curious.But I don't think i will buy a keyboard with those macros keys.Im so confused when I try to type anything.
  • They're far away, well a 1cm or so space. I never touch them on my Logitech model with similar setup when typing.
  • Very cool, but that price tag is crazy. I just got my Steelseries Apex that I haven't even set up from Christmas, so it'll be my multi-color keyboard for a while. I still can't get used to the bulkiness of mechanicals.
  • I like the idea of the jacks! Do any competitors have this?
  • Nice Posted via the Windows Central App for Android