Rocket League will heat things up with Hot Wheels on February 21

Rocket League fanatics will soon get a chance to meld their childhoods with their favorite game with a pair of new Hot Wheels cars. The Rocket League team took to their blog to announce that two of the most well-known Hot Wheels cars will be hitting the Rocket League pitch on February 21.

Anyone who's familiar with Hot Wheels should recognize Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker, the two cars that are being added to she game. As usual, each will be sold separately as an in-game purchase for $1.99 each. For your money, however, you'll pick up the cars along with exclusive wheels and 6 decals.

If you don't feel like shelling out for the cars, however, Rocket League says that all players will get a shot at scoring some in-game Hot Wheels swag. Specifically, a "Treasure Hunt" flag, and "Shark Bite" Topper will be available as post-match drops after the update.

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  • Neat!
  • The handling on the cars is sweet. I really hope they consider doing a Mario Kart battle racing type game with this IP. The Xbox is crying out for 4 player local and multiplayer online fun racing. Let users carry over their unlocks, boom, everyone wins.
  • Great game and fun DLC. I think $2/car is a pretty good price and that they don't affect gameplay. Just cosmetic. Such a ridiculously simple game. I never thought I would be interested, but when I play, I always have a great time.
  • They should really bring this game to W10 UWP. Would be really nice to be able to play with friends this way. Even work out a plan to make it free for people that own the steam version. One could dream!