Rocket League's new underwater arena released as part of latest update

Developer Psyonix has released the latest update to its popular eSports game Rocket League for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It includes the all-new undersea-based AquaDome along with other additions and improvements.

The change notes for the 1.24 version of Rocket League also mention the new Champions Crate III that can be dropped rarely after matches and offers "all-new items including the Breakout Type-S Import Body". It also includes new visual looks for the game's "Road Hog" and "Hotshot" Battle-Cars and changes to the "Cosmic" and "Octagon" arenas in the "Rocket Labs" playlist. Two more underwater-themed Battle-Cars, the "Proteus" and "Triton", can be purchased in the game for $1.99 each.

John Callaham
  • On the Xbox dashboard it says save big on rocket league but when you click on it there's nothing about rocket league
  • Don't worry
  • You are irrelevant.
  • Never been to that town.
  • I recently paid 16GBP instead of 20, so I guess it's 20% off.
  • They should release mods and custom games for the XO. :)
  • This should have actually been in the water and maybe used subs and water physics to make it harder! Lol. That would have been cool. This is just a new skin really.